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check fuel pressure regulator

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Q: You replaced your iac valve all of your elect parts because your engine was surging and was hard to start changed your ox sensor changed your coil and the problem is still there what is wrong with it?
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2000 sl surging and idling high?

I have the same problem. I believe the idle air control valve either needs to be cleaned or replaced.

Why is your 99 s10 sluggish and surging when going up hills?

When a 1999 S10 is sluggish and surging with going up hills, perhaps there is a problem with the transmission. The filter might need to be changed, more fluid added, or it might need a complete overhaul.

2001 ford expedition surging and lacking power when accelerating?

I recently had this problem. I took it to my mechanic. First he said that there was nothing wrong because the diagnostics came back clean. I asked him to keep looking. He found that the overdrive mechanism was damaged and needed to be replaced.

Why is your car surging?

Because it needs oil

1994 Cadillac deville engine surging problems and stalling out?

A 1994 Cadillac Deville that has an engine surging problem and is stalling out can indicate it is not getting enough fuel. The fuel filter may be clogged.

Does surging rhyme with garden?

No, surging doesn't rhyme with garden. The thing you need to look for with words that rhyme are the endings. These two words don't rhyme because the 'ing' on the end of surging doesn't rhyme with 'den' on the end of garden.

Why does your 2004 Ford diesel surges?

Get your accelerator pedal checked, I had surging problems for 6 months and Ford could not find the problem, they finally replaced the accelerator pedal and the problem went away. The throttle positioning sensor seems to wear out in the spot that it is used most around 1800 RPM

How do use surging in a sentence?

the water was surging over the rocks

What makes 2002 Volvo S40 RPMs surge uncontrollably over 3000 RPM's when warm?

I found that a mechanic that used non Volvo transmission fluid caused this problem in my 2002. Once it was replaced with genuine Volvo transmission fluid it stopped surging.

How do you repair a lawn mower from cutting out or surging?

Surging is usually due to a dirty fuel filter. Cutting out is also related to a dirty fuel filter or a fouled spark plug. Remove and clean or replace both components. Surging is NEVER a spark plug. The reason it's surging is because your main jet in the emulsion tube is clogged.

What is the function of the throttle body on 2003 ford expedition?

The throttle body controls the amount of air going into the engine. The more air, the more rpms. If the throttle body gets defective and allows too much air into the engine, surging can occur. This surging can be dangerous because the vehicle lunges forward or backwards (depending on whether it is in a forward or backward gear) unexpectedly and without much warning (it occurs very quickly). There are many complaints on the internet about the "surging problem" with Ford vehicles, but Ford has not taken any action to safeguard the public by instituting a recall of the affected models or by notifying the owners of the affected models. It appears that Ford will not say anything about this dangerous condition until there is a fatality as a result of the "surging problem".

Your 1998 GMC Sierra is surging especially when the AC is on but surges when ac is off you had the timing checked and adjusted but it is still happening fuel pump may be whining coolant fluid brown?

i would start with fixing coolant problem brown coolant indicates there is oil in your coolant which indicyrs either a blown head gasket or a cracked head you fix that problem and more than likely, the surging problem will go away

What does mean by hunting of governor?

Governor hunting or surging is a problem that causes the engine to constantly speed up rapidly and then slow down rapidly.

What causes surging on 5hp Briggs and Stratton lawn mower?

The most common cause of surging is a dirty air filter. EPA approved carbs tend to run lean causing the surge condition described. Main jet needs to be replaced with next size larger.

How do you adjust the idle speed on a 1994 Accura Legend?

you don't. computer does it. check that there is no air in coolant system or that temp sensor is not faulty. if your surging, that's your problem.

Why is my 2000 Jeep wrangler 4.0 liter surging or missing while driving?

The most common cause for surging is a vacuum leak

What are the release dates for Surging Seas - 1924?

Surging Seas - 1924 was released on: USA: 1 May 1924

Your 1994 Mitsubishi Mighty Max is surging at higher rpm levels You replaced the Mass air flow sensor also replaced fuel filter and catalytic converter What should you try next?

Check for vacuum leaks on the intake manifold and verify the operation of the EGR valve.

What is the problem with the 2.2 L 1999 Pontiac Sunfire when the RPM in the dash goes up and down and the car fell when its put in neutral?

Your RPM surging suggests a vacuum leak. I'd carefully check all the vacuum lines under the hood. You might find one disconnected, cracked or broken. It should be replaced. FriPilot

What is surging in axial compressors?

There are two main regions stable and unstable The pressure rate between the stable and unstable places is called surging.

Your 1997 Honda crv is missing or surging when you are driving on the highway what can cause that?

The description of "missing" could be a sign of fuel starvation (clogged fuel filter - failing fuel pump - clogged injector nozzles) or - a possible problem with the ignition system - bad plugs - dirty distributor- bad spark plug wires. The description of "surging" would lead one to believe that it is probably a fuel related problem.

How do you fix the surging on a 8HP Tecumseh motor?

Surging is often fixed by replacing the fuel filter. A simple job and most small engine shops will have the part.

What causes surging on a 1988 dodge dynasty v-6 when cold?

bad battery. it gives off the rest of its power when its about dead. and that's what causes surging

How do stop a Honda lawnmower from surging?

first you will need to determine if it is surging due to a fuel issue or governor issue. to do this hold the throttle linkage at the carb from moving. slightly higher than at idle. if it stops surging then it is the governor that needs to be reset. if it continues to surge then you have a fuel issue

Why is engine surging on a Briggs stratton 3 and a half hp engine with a primer bulb on a push mower?

Most common cause of surging is a dirty/clogged air filter.