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Check the sensor located at the bottom of the reservoir.

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How do you replace engine coolant in a 1998 aurora?

through the reserve tank which is also called the overflow tank being that there is no radiator cap!

What type of engine coolant for Olds Aurora?

We have a 1998 V8 Olds Aurora, and it takes dex-cool engine coolant. It is the coolant that is orange colored. Wouldn't your small manual tell you the correct coolant to use?

Where is the Coolant Level Sensor on a 1996 Aurora?

Its located on the bottom of the coolant reservore.

Red or green coolant for 1998 Oldsmobile aurora?

red coolant use the dexcool

Where do i put the ac coolant in an olds aurora?

The coolant goes into the reservoir only that says coolant. You don't put it in the radiator.

What is the coolant capacity of a 1996 Aurora?

13 quarts

Low engine coolant when coolant is full on a 95' olds aurora?

Bad sensor? Should be located at the bottom of the coolant recovery tank

What could be wrong with an Aurora if it overheats a lot but only when going over 65mph Besides EGR valve?

bad thermostat, engine coolant temperature sensor(ect). not enough coolant. radiator is pluged up try flushing,or replace radiator.

Why am i losing coolant no overheating 95 aurora?

95 aurora runs normal temp,but coolant res low with dash signaling low coolant.not overheating but,reservoi low.driping coolant slightly after a run.????????????????this happens starting with cold car and full reservoi.any ideas?

On a 1998 Oldsmobile aurora where is the engine coolant sensor located?

its located under the reserve tank...and if that is not working and you are for sure the you will have to replace the whole tank by dealer or maybe find on-line somewhere!

Where are the coolant bleeder screws on a 98 aurora?

top of intake or thermostat housing

Does a 97 Oldsmobile aurora have the same coolant overflow tank as a 96?


How di add coolant to 2001 aurora?

The coolant goes into the overflow bottle on the passenger side, fill it cold and do not over fill.

How to replace a power steering hose on a 2001 Oldsmobile aurora?

how to replace the power steering hose on a 2001 oldsmobile aurora 3.5 liter engine

How do you replace the fuel injectors on a 1997 Oldsmobile aurora?

where are the fuel injectors in a 1997 oldsmobile aurora

How to bleed air from coolant system in a 3.5 Olds Aurora?

Good luck haha..

How do you install water pump on 95 olds aurora?

is it hard to replace a waterpump out of a oldsmobile aurora 95

How do you replace a fuel filter in 1999 Oldsmobile aurora?

Where is the fuel filter located in a 1999 oldsmobile aurora

How do you install a water pump in a 1997 Oldsmobile aurora?

remove and replace water pump in 1997 Oldsmobile aurora

What could cause the heater fan on your 95 aurora to run all the time?

check your coolant in your radiator northstar engines are designed to have your fans running if you have low coolant.

What is Low Engine Cooling for 1999 Oldsmobile Aurora and what should I do to fix it?

Fix the leak, and fill the coolant.

What kind of engine coolant does a 1995 Oldsmobile aurora take?

GM Dex-Cool, it is the orange colored kind.

Why is your Oldsmobile aurora hard to start?

cured my hard to start aurora by changing crankshaft position sensor and having sensor re-learned by tech with proper tools

How do I Reset the low coolant indicator on a 2001 Oldsmobile aurora?

It should reset itself when the coolant is back to the appropriate level as long as the sensor is working properly. If you look in the overflow reservoir and can see coolant, the sensor or wiring might be the problem.

What causes a 1995 Oldsmobile aurora engine to misfire?

i did have same problem on my 95 aurora i have replace ignition coils sparkplugs and wires that solve my problem

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