Your 2000 Plymouth Neon engine will sudenly loose power to the accelerator and the rpms drop and the engine dies and check engine light is on when driving wont happen everytime what is this problem?


The check engine light is telling you that the computer has information that you should read. You can find out what the engine fault code is by turning the ignition key to the run position (don't engage the starter, you are not trying to start the car) then back to the off position 3 times within 10 seconds. On the 3rd cycle, leave the key in the on position and look at the odometer. If it is digital, the accumulated miles will be replaced with various code numbers that flash by. Write these numbers down, as they are the fault codes that you are looking for. No need to purchase or rent a code reader. All dodge products have the code reader built into the dash. If your odometer is not digital, then the check engine light will start to flash. Count the flashes and write down the corresponding number. Remember that each code requires three digits. Example: a code 340 would look like 3 flashes, pause, 4 flashes,pause then the light goes out. These number codes can now be compared to a code list of faults for you vehicle. Check around the internet for the engine fault codes for your vehicle, then you will find out what your on board computer is finding as the problem. Hope this helps Gummibear