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The check engine light is telling you that the computer has information that you should read. You can find out what the engine fault code is by turning the ignition key to the run position (don't engage the starter, you are not trying to start the car) then back to the off position 3 times within 10 seconds. On the 3rd cycle, leave the key in the on position and look at the odometer. If it is digital, the accumulated miles will be replaced with various code numbers that flash by. Write these numbers down, as they are the fault codes that you are looking for. No need to purchase or rent a code reader. All Dodge products have the code reader built into the dash. If your odometer is not digital, then the check engine light will start to flash. Count the flashes and write down the corresponding number. Remember that each code requires three digits. Example: a code 340 would look like 3 flashes, pause, 4 flashes,pause then the light goes out. These number codes can now be compared to a code list of faults for you vehicle. Check around the internet for the engine fault codes for your vehicle, then you will find out what your on board computer is finding as the problem. Hope this helps Gummibear

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While driving my car the accelerator would not work when you push the gas. I turned the car off and it did not start back up again. whats the problem?

sounds to me like a fuel pump if the engine continued to run but accelerator did not work then check for broken or disconnected accelerator cable both at the pedal and the throttle plate

What could be the problem if a 2001 Plymouth neon shut down while driving and will not start?

I believe that vehicle has a timing belt, it may have let go.

What causes excessive RPM when you press the accelerator?

Tranny problem.

What is the problem when the 1997 Plymouth breeze cuts off while driving?

you need to get it fixed Post a comment under the right catagory... This is the BMW 3-Series section...

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Why do the back tires of a Plymouth neon lock up?

You have a brake problem.

What is the problem with a 1998 911 Carrera if the RPMs are revving up unusually high when you hit the accelerator?

Perhaps you have not engaged the clutch? The accelerator is designed to increase the RPMs. If you provide no resistance it will rev until it explodes.

What is the problem when my 2004 jeep liberty jerks when you press the accelerator?

The problem is that when you hit the accelerator, fuel is injected into the engine causing it to revolve at a higher speed. This in turn causes the trasmission to turn, causing the wheels to turn, thus the vhicle moves. If you dont want it to move, either turn the vehicle off or dont hit the accelerator. If this is an honest question, we need more info than that.

Why does a 1998 Plymouth Neon pop out of drive and into neutral when hitting the accelerator hard in a stopped position?

I have the same problem with a '98 that was just purchased. I haven't figured it out yet but, in the small amount of time I have had to look into it I believe it probably has something to do with my throttle position cable sticking. Also another symtom I have is that the car shifts wrong. It acts like it's always in passing mode like we've got it floored even when driving easy.

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Why does my 306 idle at 2500 constantly?

check the accelerator cable, i had a problem with this, and also had a split in my pedal at the same time

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How do you overcome problem of NullPointerException?

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How do you reset Toyota air bag warning light?

Fix the problem. It retests everytime you turn the key on.

Why does your 2004 Ford diesel surges?

Get your accelerator pedal checked, I had surging problems for 6 months and Ford could not find the problem, they finally replaced the accelerator pedal and the problem went away. The throttle positioning sensor seems to wear out in the spot that it is used most around 1800 RPM

How do you fix cruise control that got stuck on Saturn L200?

That sounds more like a mechanical problem with the cruise control cable. Check for a damaged or worn cable from the cruise control module or from the accelerator pedal. You should take the vehicle to a shop that specializes in Saturn's, and describe the problem. Don't take it on the highway again until the problem is repaired; in fact, you probably shouldn't really be driving it.

What causes a Jeep Liberty to cut off while driving?

Jeep Liberties diesel engines can stall or "cut off" when backing off the accelerator pedal. the most probable cause is the EGR valve sticking in the open position. It is a frustrating and common problem with the diesels.

Replaced ignition module shortly after car engine dies while driving it was wondering if it is faulty ignition module or fuel pump going?

The problem could be the absence of fuel or spark. If you floor the accelerator and the engine dies quickly, that's a fuel problem. Black smoke from the pipe when the engine stops is an indication of lack of spark or fuel.

Daewoo Leganza 2000.When you start engine you get a 4000 rpm and don't stay less what can be a problem?

check your accelerator...

Why would a car keep accelerating after the brakes are applied?

Assuming nothing obvious (like having your foot on the accelerator) there is a problem with sticking or broken or disconnected accelerator linkage. On late-model cars with cable linkage and fuel injection you will need to inspect everything related from the accelerator pedal to the injector butterfly lever on the engine.

Your 2000 Plymouth starts but doesnt drive what could be the problem?

Try Putting It Into Gear!!!!!

Can you drive a car with a torn ligament on the foot?

Yes. If left foot, should be no problem. If right foot, check pain levels and strenght when braking using right foot. If you can't manage it, brake with left foot. Try to avoid driving with two feet. Driving with both feet is a problem for the elderly and is the leading cause of unintended acceleration, because they sometimes press both pedals at the same time and can press both too hard and the accelerator

Suzuki samurai wont accelerate but will idle?

check you carbs accelerator pump then check the fuel pump that's normally the problem