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All signs point to your transmission. Get this checked out ASAP, otherwise your car is going to get suck in one gear, and you will blow your engine, let alone get stuck who knows where because your car won't move.


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check the owners manual. most of them will tell you. also ask a mechanic to change your filter. watch him and remember

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if its 2002 /2003 with timing chain get the updated tensioner and new chain fitted before it jumps as these do at 50,000!

There is a recall, has do to with a speed sensor

it is the reverse clutch in the transmission.around 1000 to 1800 to repair it.

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If your engine jumps when accelerating, or when certain noises are made when engine torques.

The Oil Filter hangs down from the front left of the engine, (as viewed from front), and screws off. To buy an autodata workshop manual for £5.00 including UK postage, e-mail me at:

I have a 2002 caviler with the check engine light on .I have had it reset several time but will come back on within one week,

Open the hood. Remove the black plastic cover that goes across the top of the headlights/radiator. Remove the two silver screws that are on the top of the headlight assembly. Then remove the light housing...Not much holding them on.

Except for a 3 speed Wrangler, a 2002 Jeep trans is electronically controlled and wouldn't have a governor. The 3 speed auto in a Wrangler has a governor that control what speeds the trans shifts at.

it is under the glovebox area. it removes out of the blower housing.

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Short of it is the resistor controls the fan speeds for the blower. Easy to replace and to my knowledge only available through a dealer.

Not always, but 99% of the time this is a sign that the Blower Motor Resistor Pack is defective. Replace it.

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