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check the connections between the opti and and ecu it could be corrosion specially where the connection goes into the opti itself (blame the bad opti design on Gm and there afterthought dept)


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if you're looking down at the distributor it rotates clockwise while running.

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It is inside the distributor, it has three wires running to it, and it looks like a small black plateIt is inside the distributor, it has three wires running to it, and it looks like a small black plate

I'm not sure I understand your question. The ignition module is suspect in this case and yes, it's under the distributor cap. You may also want to replace the distributor cap and rotor while your at it, they're cheap parts and hair-line cracks in a distributor cap can be hard to detect. If all of these fail I'd look at replacing the coil and coil wire to the distributor.

The distributor don't, But the ignition module that is bolted inside of the distributor does have a part in the fuel pump running.

A distributor cap on a vehicle might be bad if the car is shaking more than normal. Other signs include stalling after the car has been running, squealing and rpm's running high.

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i just had the similar problem. i repaced the coil pack an the ignition module. they are not hard to do. if then you still have no luck replace the distributor itself. its not hard to do but you will need to check the timing once you have it running. get yourself a chilton an haynes book. it will help you along the way. best of luck.

I had the same issue on the same vehicle.I also replaced the tps and ultimately it was the hall effect sensor inside the distributor that had gone bad.$26.99 at O'Reills auto.

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The distributor shaft wears out the bushings and the shaft begins to wobble. The rotor eventually makes contact with the distributor cap contacts, damaging the cap and rotor and finally the engine quits running. During the last stage you will hear the distributor make a clicking noise.

Replace the spark plug wires, distributor cap and rotor.

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If a 1996 Isuzu Oasis 22 does not have fire to the plugs after changing the timing belt, perhaps a spark plug wire got crossed when hooking up the spark plug wires. Check the coil to make sure the right firing order is being used. Check to make sure the distributor did not accidentally get turned when changing the distributor cap. Also, check the wires to the distributor.

It means 1: If your car is still running, it won't run for much longer. 2: You or someone who doesn't like you poured oil into the distributor, or 3: You're leaking oil (probably from the head or head gasket) into your distributor.

the O ring on the dist housing needs replacing

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