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No. The O2 sensor is only in effect once the computer goes into closed loop mode (usually after engine is up to temperature)

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Would a bad oxygen sensor require starting fluid to start the vehicle?


On a 94 3000gt If your o2 sensor is faulty will it not start entirely or will it be dead in the water?

A defective O2 sensor will not prevent the engine from starting. The engine will start and run albeit not as it should.

Can the crank shaft sensor stop a car from starting?

Yes it can cause a no start condition.

Will the coolant temp sensor keep a 1989 k1500 from starting?

From a cold start, yes it can.

1995 Chevy Camaro and the security is preventing it from starting how can you by pass it to get it to start?

It's called VATS bypass and you can get them on eBay cheap.

Will a bad knock sensor stop a Volvo 240 from starting?

I have a 240 and with the knock sensor unplugged it will still start so I would have to say no.

Can the crankshaft position sensor cause the car not to start?

yes this will stop car from starting. a bad cam sensor will also stall engine at any speed.the sensor is easy to replace.

Would the crankshaft sensor stop it from starting?

yes aas no pulse signal would be sent there for no start.

Can a throttle position sensor keep the engine from starting?

A throttle position sensor might keep the engine from starting. Any number of things can cause a vehicle not to start. The starter and the gas line sensors are also a possible culprit.

Can a bad cam sensor effect starting?

Yes. It can cause hard starting on some vehicles (fuel pulse out of time) and no-start due to no fuel or no spark in others.

Can the map sensor keep a car from starting?

"Yes. its a maf sensor (mass air flow sensor) and it will not let it start it will mostly just crank n crank over or start for a min with spiradic idling n shut off" Actually, there is such thing as a MAP sensor (manifold absolute pressure) but in some vehicles (especially Chrysler-Daimler) i believe, it can make the vehicle not start.

Can a faulty MAP sensor cause stalling?

The MAP sensor - another frequent cause of stalling or non-starting. This measures the air pressure in the manifold. You can test it - if your car won't start, just unplug the electrical connection from the MAP sensor. If it starts, replace the sensor. MAP sensor details. (It may act as though the fuel pump is not working properly - starting, then quickly dying).

2002 Chevy V6 cranks but won't start without starting fluid?

Replace the engine coolant temp sensor.

Will 92 park avenue start with bad cam sensor?

No it will not start need to change the cam sensor & crank sensor!

Which sensor will cause a 1971 300sel6.3engine to stop running after 12 to 15 minutes after starting auto cannot be restarted until it cools down?

cold start sensor or weak fuel pump

Will the car get fire if the crank sensor is bad?

Symptoms of a bad crank sensor is hard starting, no starting or rough idle. If you're able to start the engine, and it runs for a few minutes or seconds and then dies out, most likely it's a bad crank position sensor. Also, there may be no spark in some of the spark plugs.

Buick 3.3 v-6 will not start good fuel pressure and spark will start with starting fluid?

Fuel pressure should be around 40. If the injectors are not getting power it will not start. Start with a crank sensor first.

Cooled start sensor Saturn 94?

i am looking were the cooled start sensor is on a 94 Saturn is at

What will a bad cam shaft sensor do?

A bad camshaft sensor can cause intermittent starting. The car may just shut off while driving. It also may not start or could shudder and backfire.

Is there a cold start sensor on 78 Seville or is it the same as the oxygen sensor?

Yes it does have a cold start sensor. It is located on top of a throttle body.

Why wont your 92 Ford Aerostar start in rainy weather?

It is possible that the 1992 Aerostar has a faulty distributor cap. It is likely that moisture is getting into the housing of the distribution and preventing it from starting.

What sensor is bad if my dodge durango won't start?

Crank angle sensor or coolant temprature sensor are the two favourites that will cause a non start

Chevy blazer s-10 wont start its getting gas it has a new fuel pump and fuel filter but there is a low spark also the engine turnsover a few times but just wont start what is wrong?

i had something like this happen - and it was the ignition control module located in the distributor

What are the symptoms of a faulty CAM sensor on a Chevy Tracker?

Not starting when hot, or stalling ang bucking after driving or idleing in hot weather. pour cold water on sensor after no start condition to test it ( on back of head )

Will the camshaft sensor stop the car from starting?

Yes. Cam sensor will determine the rotation of the camshaft, and if it does not sense it 'turning' the sensor will not allow the engine to start (it protects damaging the engine). Faulty camshaft or crankshaft sensors will stall engine and prevent restart until replaced.