Your Dad was a petty officer in WW2 in the Battle of Leyte Gulf how can you find out the ship he was assigned to This ship was struck by kamikaze and he was wounded?

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Go to the National Archives website in the related link below and click on the link for "Launch the eVetRecs System to start your request Online."

Being the child of the Vet, you can process the request online, or print the final form or copy the service request number to a piece of paper, sign and date it, and mail it to:
National Personnel Records Center

Military Personnel Records

9700 Page Avenue

St. Louis, MO 63132-5100

In about 90 days you will receive the service record of your father with the ships
listed to which he was assigned.
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When the Kamikazes attacked the American ships how did they try to protect themselves?

%REPLIES%. Answer . They didn't really, they were trying to kill themselves. They would try to maneuver to avoid the antiaircraft fire so they did not get shot down before reaching their targets, but that was all.\nMichael Montagne. Answer . Or, did you mean how did the ships try to protect ( Full Answer )

How many people died in the Battle of Leyte Gulf?

Leyte Gulf Casualties . \nJapan lost an estimated 15,000 and the U.S. about 1,900. The related invasion and liberation of the\nPhilippines cost the U.S. 10,400 and the Japanese over 250,000.

What happened in the battle of leyte gulf?

The Battle of Leyte Gulf involved the Japanese forces successfullydiverting the US forces away from the Leyte island. The Battle ofLeyte occurred in October 1944.

How does a ship earn a battle star?

Answer . By participation in a battle. The eligible ships are determined by the Department of the Navy and listed in a Naval Bulletin that lists the battles and the ships.

Names of battle ships?

Yamato , Musashi , Texas , Colorado , Bismarck , Tirpitz , Prince of Wales , Vanguard ,

How did the Americans win the battle of Leyte Gulf?

It is nothing short of miraculous that the Americans won the battle. Admiral Halsey had been successfully lured away with his modern battleships, carriers, and cruisers, by Admiral Ozawa's decoy force, leaving Admirals Sprague's jeep carriers and Admiral Oldendorf's elderly battleships to fight the ( Full Answer )

Who were the major generals in the battle of leyte gulf?

The major generals of the battle of leyte gulf were:. Allies: Admiral William Halsey, Vice Admiral Thomas Kincaid. Japanese: Admiral Soemu Toyoda, Vice Admiral Takeo Kurita, Vice Admiral Shoji Nishimura, Vice Admiral Kiyohide Shima, Admiral Jisaburo Ozawa

In the game freelancer can you get a battle ship?

Yes if you download Mod Manager 1.4 and the Discovery MOD then activate discovery you will be able to get battleships.. And i will soon have made a Capitalship MOD so i link to a download for that soon

What was the ironclad battle ship?

During the 1800's wooden warships plated with iron were called "iron-clads." By 1904 during the Russo-Japanese War, Russian sailors still called their all steel built battleships "iron-clads."

Which Royal navy ship was sunk by kamikaze bomber?

Approximately 20 British warships and 4 or 5 support vessels were sunk by the Japanese in WWII. They all appear to have been sunk by conventional (traditional) methods: torpedos, gunfire, bombs, mines, but none from kamikazes. Certainly, no British carriers would've been lost to kamikazes...they ha ( Full Answer )

What is a ships officer called?

Merchant ship officers are generally speaking one of two types: the Deck Officers (or Mates), in charge mainly of navigation, cargo handling, safety and deck maintenance, and the Engineers, in charge of running and maintaining all machinery items (e.g. engines, pumps, winches, etc.)

Was an ironclad a ship Yes it was a battle ship.?

An ironclad was indeed a ship. They were built in two different ways. Let's take the Moitor and the Merrimac, or CSS Virginia as it was called by the Confederacy. The Monitor was built completely of steel. It was built with a very low draft and instead of the usual placement of guns along the sides ( Full Answer )

How many ships were sunk in the battle of leyte gulf?

Battle of Leyte Gulf Allied Forces ~2,800 dead; 1 light carrier, 2 escort carriers, 2 destroyers, 1 destroyer escort sunk 200+ planes Japan ~10,500 dead; 1 fleet carrier, 3 light carriers 3 battleships, 10 cruisers, 11 destroyers sunk ~500 planes

Why was the battle of leyte gulf so important?

The Japanese launched Kamikaze raids. in these suicide-plane attacks, Japanese pilots crashed their planes into allied ships supporting the invasion. Still, Japan lost so many ships in the Battle of Leyte Gulf that the Japanese Navy was essentially knocked out the war

Where is the Leyte Gulf?

The Leyte Gulf is a body of water located between the islands of Leyte and Samar in Eastern Visayas, Philippines.

What do officers of the ship do?

They are responsible for the ship and its operations. They are the leaders and managers of the various departments. The captain is responsible for everything on the ship and delegates to his officers. They direct and manage the rest of the crew in the performance of the necessary functions.

How many us naval ships were named after chief petty officers?

Seven have been or will be named after individual Chief PettyOfficers. USS REEVES (DE 156) USS TOMICH (DE 242) USS HILL (DE 141) USS TRUETT (DE 1095) (FF 1095) USS MCFAUL (DDG 74) USS JOHN FINN (DDG 113) USS DELBERT BLACK (DDG 119) [currently being constructed andawaiting commission] One is named i ( Full Answer )

Was the Louisiana a battle ship?

There was a USS Louisiana in World War One. Built in 1906, decommissioned in 1920. Hull number BB-19. "BB" indicates it was a battleship. The US Navy had plans to build a class of massive battleships, which would have dwarfed the Iowa Class ships which were the last ones the US ever built. The pr ( Full Answer )

What are the top ten battle ships?

10. Hood Class - Battle Cruiser; Great Britain Known as the 'Mighty Hood', it was considered the greatest warship ever built, and throughout the 1920's and 30's went on world tours boasting its power and size. But that boast would soon be shattered when World War II began. Hitler's navy had so ( Full Answer )

What sunk the battle ship bismark?

The Bismark was sunk on 27 - May - 1941 in the North Atlantic by units of the Royal Navy Home Fleet. On 19 - May - 1941 Bismark and the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen sank the flagship of the home fleet HMS Hood in a short engagement (the entire attack took only 17 minutes. This led Prime Minister Churc ( Full Answer )

How man ships were at the Battle of Midway?

The answer is a tricky one because of two sticky points. The definition of a "ship" varies somewhat, and "at Midway" is also subject to interpretation. The United States had 3 aircraft carriers and about 20 - 25 support ships. About 18 US submarines were also thought to be in the area, but they wer ( Full Answer )

How are battle ship gunnery caliberated?

Battleship guns in WW2 were divided into categories. The main guns/turrets were used against surface targets and shore targets. Later on in the war a projectile, similar to a shotgun shell, were used in antiaircraft rolls. Next guns were the five inch guns. These were dual purpose guns used on air, ( Full Answer )

What is a ships welfare officer called?

On military ships of the US, that officer would have the duty of over seeing what is called the MWR (Morale, Welfare & Recreation) It would be a collateral duty and not his only function on the ship. On a cruise ship it would probably a "Cruise director" and in the merchant mariner world there is no ( Full Answer )

What is dad in shipping terms?

Delivery Address If this is an international shipment, an import into the United States D.A.D stands for "Delivery Authorization Declaration" which is customs form 3461.

What ship was with the uss maddox in the gulf of tonkin?

The destroyer Maddox was alone when she engaged 3 North Viet Navy torpedo boats from their 135th Torpedo Boat squadron on 02 August 1964. Maddox was with the destroyer USS Turner Joy on 04 August 1964 in the Gulf when they engaged "Tonkin Ghosts" (radar ghosts in the Tonkin Gulf).

How do you find the name of a ship someone served on in WW2?

Assuming the person served in the US Navy, you should request the person's service records from the National Archives. The process varies somewhat depending on your relationship to the person. The records center receives nearl ( Full Answer )

Who invented the first battle ship?

The first modern battleship was the HMS Dreadnought , launched by the Royal Navy in 1906. Sir John Fisher, first lord of the admiralty, is generally given the lions share of credit for the vessel.

What USN ships struck mines in Vietnam war?

USN riverine boats were the primary victims of mines: PCF-4 (a Swift Boat) was one vessel destroyed by a river mine, nine other Swifts were destroyed by gunfire or storms. ASPB-132-3 (Assault Support Patrol Boat; also called "Alpha Boats") was sunk by a riverine mine. However, PBRs (Patrol Boat Rive ( Full Answer )

How big are the guns on a battle ship?

The largest guns any American battleship was ever equipped with were 16" guns (battleships, an antiquated naval technology, are no longer built). The shells the 16" guns fired weighed over a half-ton each.

Who was the ally leader in the battle at leyte gulf?

Ooops. Sorry I tried to copy just the Commanders names and I blew it. United States Australia. Empire of Japan. Commanders and leaders . William Halsey, Jr (3rd Fleet) Thomas C. Kinkaid (7th Fleet). Takeo Kurita (Center Force) Shōji Nishimura † (Southern Force) Kiyohide Sh ( Full Answer )

How was the battle of leyte gulf similar to the battle of the bulge?

They were both the axis powers last gambles to stop and destroy the advancing allied forces but were defeated the Japanese lost the rest of their carriers and lost some of their best battleships and cruisers. The Germans lost many of their best tanks and crews in Bulge.

How do battle ships move?

Battleships move just like any other ship, but faster. Their advantage was the huge guns they carried and the armour they were protected with.

Who lead the battle of Leyte Gulf?

General Douglas MacArthur led the army invasion of Leyte. Admiral Chester Nimitz was overall commander of the Navy strategy from his base in Hawaii. Admiral Thomas Kincaid, Admiral William Halsey, and Admiral Marc Mitscher were in command of the tactics of their own fleets or carrier groups.

What is the 1944 Battle of Leyte Gulf?

The 1944 battle of Leyte Gulf was the battle to take the Gulf of Leyte. It was part of the Philippines campaign. During the battle, over 100 Japanese Kamikazes, filled with fuel and explosive, were used. They had to crash into ships in order to deal damage to them. Even if they were shot out of the ( Full Answer )

What was each army trying to do in the battle of Leyte Gulf?

The Battle of Leyte Gulf, also called the "Battles for Leyte Gulf", and formerly known as the "Second Battle of the Philippine Sea", is generally considered to be the largest naval battle of World War II and, possibly the largest naval battle in history. It was fought in waters near the Philippine i ( Full Answer )

What happen to the ships in the battle of Salamis?

Some were sunk, some captured, some retreated, and some were victorious. The Persian remnant was withdrawn to Mykale in Asia Minor, where they were captured the following year by the Greek fleet at the same time as the Persian army was defeated at Plataia. This ended the Persian invasion.

How was battle ships invented?

The battleship wasn't really invented in one stroke. Ships of war evolved from wood to metal hulls,then to heavier armoured metal, sail gave way to primitive engines, then gradually more sophisticated turbines. Guns got longer barrels, then breech blocks, then more powerful charges.

What happened on the battle of the leyte gulf in 1944?

The Japanese Combined Fleet sortied out in full strength in anattempt to crush General Douglas MacArthur's US 6th Army as itinvaded the central Philippine Island of Leyte. To do this, theywould have to lure away the powerful American carrier groupsguarding the 6th's landings. The Japanese Navy knew ( Full Answer )