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Your Toyota Tercel a 1992 model the backup light and tail lights just came on and will not go out when i turn the car off help?


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Not sure as to why the back up light is stuck on. Usually that turns off with the key.. But, the brake lights is due to a little adjuster falling off on the brake pedal. Happened to me in 2 cars. If you follow the brake pedal up into the dash, you will see a little button that basically goes through a hole near the top of the pedal.. Like a push button switch. Well, that hole needs to have the adjuster in it so the pedal will hit the switch. Otherwise, the switch just goes right into the hole, and the lights never turn off.. It's kind of hard to explain, but get some wire or something and tie it numerous times to block that hole.. Then, the brake lights should be off.. Sorry if this doesn't help.


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Check engine lights will not turn off in a vehicle until they are reset. To reset the light on a 1994 Toyota Tercel pull the ECU fuse.

On a stock 1994 Toyota Tercel, the warning lights are located in two sets of three warning lights, one set under the fuel gauge and the other under the temperature gauge. The lights are horizontally set, not vertically, so there is no symbol underneath another. It is possible that the instrument cluster was modified, as the Tercel is a favorite for modifications.

The check engine light on a Toyota Tercel can come on for a variety of reasons. It can be come on whenever there is a problem with the engine that needs attention. To reset it, disconnect the battery for a few minutes then re-connect it.

replae backup light switch on transmission

The 1993 Toyota Camry backup light fuse is part of the brake light relay switch. The brake light relay switch can be found beneath the drivers side dashboard.

never done a tercel before, but generally the back lights and brake lights are reached by going into the trunk or hatcback. you may have to pull back some lining to reach the lights

If it is the tail lights, it is the headlight switch. If it is the brake lights, it is probably the brake light switch. I really don't know how to replace the bulb in the 3rd light. change the brake light bulb first it may be shorted causeing the other problem

you must remove the grill and the bezel that surrounds the light.

Light housing twists from inside of trunk for access of bulbs.Toyo joe

The brake light switch is broken or out of adjustment.

If by chance by "rear lights" you mean backup lights and yours are not working, consider that the switch is faulty. That part goes into the transmission from the outside. The reason I'm telling you this is because our 5th gen Celica had backup light trouble and after all was said and done, we found out it was the switch. . there is also a small fuse box with rear light fuses on the driver side under the dash. good luck.

You can access the backup light on your Pontiac from the trunk compartment. Remove the backup light cover. Take hold of the backup light connector, push in and turn at the same time. Do the same with the backup lightbulb. Reverse the process to install the new lightbulb.

go to your owners manuel, there is a section in there that will tell you or call your local dealer

It's on the brake pedal just above the viewable area.

More than likely, the stop pad has fallen or broken off.

I would check the wires just behind the light. I had the same problem and the wires were broken a little just wiggle them as the lights are on.

open the trunk, and pull back the carpet and there will be 2 nuts holding the light in place. unscrew them and pull the light out.

where is hazard light switch on toyota corolla

check reverse light switch on transmission.

There is a switch called the reverse backup light switch attached to the shifter. When you move the shifter into reverse, the switch is closed and current goes back to the reverse lights. The switch is located on both auto and manual trans. After making sure your bulbs are good, that is where I would look. And make sure your fuses are not blown as well in your fuse block. There usually is not just a circuit dedicated to reverse lights only but there is always something a manufacturer will do some years just to be different.

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