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Do some flirting.Give her compliments, talk to her and hang out with her. Ask her to a movie, girls know this means a date.Good luck!!!

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Q: Your a new kid in school and you like this girl how do tell her you love her?
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How do you tell a girl you like that you love her?

you just have to tell her that you love her

How do you tell a girl who has a boyfriend that you love her?

Don't tell her you love her, tell her you like her.

How do you tell a girl you love her if you're also a girl?

Just tell them I like you as a friend.

How can you tell a girl why you love her?

Tell her why you like her.(her personality that you like) Tell her what is in your heart. Good Luck!

How can you tell if a girl that is a friend is in love with her?

you like the girl directly go to say the girli love you

A girl you like currently likes you aswell in the love way but you dont want to tell people in your school is that ok?

i think that if you really like her then why wouldn't you show it. if your are truly in love with her you wont be afraid to.

How do you tell a girl you love her if she doesn't accept your love?

You can't tell a girl you love her if she doesn't love you back, well you can but she still won't accept it, if she doesn't lik you then she doesn't like you.

How can you tell your parents that you love a girl?

You just tell them your in love with a girl.

When to tell a girl you like her?

Exactly one should tell about your love after you do some help to her.

How do you teel a girl you like her?

try, asking her out or tell her after school

How should I tell the girls that I like that I love them?

You shouldn't. You say "the girls I like" There's two problems here .... * more than one girl and * "I like" is not "I love" You should not tell more than one girl at a time that you love them.

How do you get a girl to like you if you are in a boys school?

Don't tell her it shouldn't matter where you go to school