Your association placed a lien against your home with no notice or bill statement you had sent a check and thought it was cashed?

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It is your responsibility to follow through and make sure your payment is accepted. If you have a lien against your home, a judge has determined that you owe a debt that needs to be satisfied. You could hire an attorney to help you fight this situation.
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If a judgment has been issued for a repossession deficiency will it affect a 401K when cashed in and can they place a lien on your home which is homesteaded or take the money if it is sold?

Answer . A judgment creditor cannot levy on your 401(k), but they can levy on your bank account and money from a 401(k) distribution would be vulnerable if it was in your bank account at the time the levy occurred.\n. \nFiling a homestead does not prohibit a judgment creditor from filing a lien ( Full Answer )

Can you place a lien on your own home?

If you have property that is paid off and are afraid of this then talk to an attorney about putting it in an irrevocable trust with you as the manager. You should do this anyway. A Different Perspective A lien creates an interest in real estate that runs in favor of the entity that records the ( Full Answer )

Can you place a lien on a contractor's house who cashed your 8000 check and never did the remodel?

Answer . Probably not, but you can go after his bond. Find out what company has underwritten his performance bond and see what it will take to get payment from that route. If he doesn't have a bond you might try state division of business regulation or whatever it's called where you live. If he ( Full Answer )

How do you place a lien on someone's home?

Answer . First, you have to have performed professional improvments to the home. It generally can't be for amateur work, it has to be contractors only. Next there is usually a time limit, and if that time limit has expired, it's too late. Last, you fill out a form and record it with the county r ( Full Answer )

How do you find out if a lien has been placed against you?

Answer . \nAt the Superior Court Clerk's office in the county that you reside in and any other County and state in which you may own property.\n. \nMany Counties now have this information avaiable on their web sites.

Can a lien that was placed against a home owned by a married couple be removed after the couple divorces and one is granted the home in the divorce decree?

Answer . \nIf the married couple were joint debtors or resided in a community property state the lien is and will remain valid until satisfied or paid in full.\n. \nIf the lien was against only one spouse and that person no longer owns the property it might be possible to have it lifted.\n. \n ( Full Answer )

Can a home owners association file a lien against you for over due fees?

Maybe. If the homeowner's association (HOA) has written, recorded covenants and/or bylaws that require the payment of dues, liens can be filed for non-payment of those dues. The laws regarding HOA liens vary widely from state to state. I suggest that you see a real estate attorney in your area to di ( Full Answer )

Can a creditor place a lien against your home in the state of Florida?

Yes. If the underlying debt results from improvement being made to your personal residence, a person/company may lien your property. Further, they may take action to foreclose on the lien and force the sale of the property on the court house steps. It doesn't matter whether you pay your mortgage, t ( Full Answer )

How do I check for liens against house?

You can call or go on the county auditors website and find out thehistory of a certain piece of property. This will list the liens onthe house.

Can a lien be place on someone's home?

Yes, a creditor can definitely place a lien on someone's home. Infact, a lien can be placed on anything that the individual owns.

What to do if a lien is place on your home?

You must pay the lien and obtain a valid release from the creditor. A valid release of an execution must come from the court where the judgment lien was obtained. The release must be recorded in the land records by the proper court authority. A lien for taxes must be released by the recording of wri ( Full Answer )

Where do you go to place a lien on a home?

Answer . To place a lien on a home you must first obtain a judgment in court then you must record the judement in the land records where the property is located.

Can a lien be placed on your home if you are not on the deed?

Answer . If you are not the record owner of real estate and a lien has been recorded against you in the land records it would not be a lien against the real estate. However, there may be other factors involved if you are calling it your home and also saying you are not the owner. If you conveyed t ( Full Answer )

Can a Homeowners Association file a lien against you for the state of the interior of your home?

Only if the interior of your home is visible from a public area of the HOA (which I can't imagine). By the way, the HOA would not file a lien, rather a Certificate of Non Compliance, or something like that. Liens are for collecting money only. Another Answer Read your governing documents to dete ( Full Answer )

Can a lien be placed against a car?

Yes. As an example, if a car is stored for a certain length of time without the storage charges being paid, the storage company can put a lien on it to pay for the storage. If the vehicle is not picked up after a "certain length of time" and the owner has been "properly notified" the vehicle can be ( Full Answer )

How do you fight homeowners association that has placed a lien against a property?

Answer . You need to review the rules and regulations of the homeowners association. It generally has the right to record a lien against your property for non-payment of common fees and assessments. Those subdivision schemes generally contain language similar to the example below. When you purchas ( Full Answer )

Can a lien be placed for a medical bill?

Can a lien be placed on a home by a credit card company. A friend needed cancer treatment and the dr. said to pay up front. She charged 25000 to her card. Now she cannot pay the bill. She has tried to work with the Dr. He will no,t. Neither will the credit card co. They want it all now. What would t ( Full Answer )

What is home owner association lien?

This lien clouds your title of ownership, probably because you owe the association money. To clear the lien, pay the debt, then ask their attorney for a Release of Lien, which you can file at the local county courthouse. This clears your title.

Can a homeowners association file a lien against your home if we do not use the ammenities we really pay for?

Read your governing documents to determine your responsibility topay assessments, and review your annual budget to learning moreabout the operating expenses for your community. If additional fees are charged for amenities and you choose not touse them, you are not subject to these additional fees. ( Full Answer )

What does it mean to have a Lien placed against you?

It means that someone who you likely owe money to has gone to a government office and had alien put on you. That means whateverpiece of property they put the lien on, if it was a car per say, if it was totaled and the insurance paid it, then the lien-holder (the person who put the lien on you) would ( Full Answer )

Can liens be placed against a life estate to collect medical bills?

There is a statutory period during which creditors can file claims against an estate that has been admitted to probate. Any entity that provided medical treatment, supplies or services for the decedent may file a claim. Claims that have been properly filed must be paid before any assets can be distr ( Full Answer )

If you own your home outright and the condo association has placed a lien on it for unpaid condo association fees can they take your home if the fees are not paid?

Yes. Read your governing documents to verify that your monthly assessments represent an automatic lien on your title. When your board decides to file a formal lien, they are taking one of several steps they are entitled to take to collect the debt, including selling your condominium. (When you ( Full Answer )

How does a homeowners association place a super lien against a property?

Liens are a legal specialty and best practices dictate that youwork with association counsel to file the proper lien, properly, tomaximize the association's chances that it can recover money fromthis action. An improperly filed, improper lien may afford the debtor defenseagainst your claim.

Can a lien be placed on your home for medical bills if a collection agency purchased the debt in Florida?

No, a lien is not possible for a medical debt. However, if the collections agency was to sue you and one a judgment that would effect your home if you tried to sell or refinance. This is because a title search is done in both cases, and will list all the taxes owed, mortgages, liens, and any judgmen ( Full Answer )

Can a lien be placed against your wages?

Yes. A garnishment is a court order to an employer to withhold all or part of an employee's wages and to send the money to the court or to the person who won a lawsuit against the employee. That's usually the first thing the creditor does after obtaining a judgment against you.

Can a lienholder place a lien against you when you have nothing?

Yes, even though it seems pointless. A lien can be filed against the individual with the assumption that in the future the judgment debtor will be in some manner solvent. However, it would be unusual for a creditor to file suit against a debtor if it has been clearly established that the monies owe ( Full Answer )

Does home owners association have the right to enter the property for home inspection in order to put a lien against the property?

This could be an uncommon first action for an association. Unless it is written in your governing documents that this inspection is part of a lien action, you may have a right to deny this request. You can request an official notice from the association requiring specifics of why a right to enter ( Full Answer )

Where can you check for liens against your real estate?

You can visit the local land records office and check under the owner's name for liens. To find the land records depository in your jurisdiction do an online search using your state, county + land records. There may be an online data base available. You can visit the local land records office and c ( Full Answer )

Can a home owners association place a lien on your home for failing to follow a rule?

Your association probably cannot file a lien as a first, unannounced step, to 'get your attention' because you violated a 'rule'. Apparently you are in dispute with your community's board based on covenants, regulations, limitations, conditions and so forth -- guidelines (rules) -- that you agre ( Full Answer )

Where can you check to see if there are liens on your home?

You visit the land records office in your area and ask the staff to help you research your own property. In some jurisdictions the records are online, however, the average person may have difficulty doing that type of specialized research. It would be best to visit in person and ask the staff to hel ( Full Answer )

Can a home owners association file a lien against you for needing to fix a piece of wood on the house and paint it?

The definition of a lien is essentially a claim to keep property -- in your case, cloud your title -- until a debt is paid. In order to file a lien, you must owe the association money, either in the form of fines for this violation, or in the form of bills for the required repair. Without money ( Full Answer )

Can a home go to foreclosure if it has liens against it?

Yes. Most homes that go into foreclosure have liens against the owners. Yes. Most homes that go into foreclosure have liens against the owners. Yes. Most homes that go into foreclosure have liens against the owners. Yes. Most homes that go into foreclosure have liens against the owners.

Can a lien be placed on your home for medical bills in North Carolina?

1. Statute of Limitations in North Carolina for Hospital Medical Bills . The Statute of Limitations on Hospital Billing Statute of Limitations in North Carolina for Hospital Medical Bills If you don't pay your North Carolina doctor, he has three years to sue. If you don't pay your medica ( Full Answer )

When a lien is in place against a home for nonpayment of HOA dues as the amount due increases with time does one have to update the amount due on the lien?

The answer depends on the details and the laws in the jurisdiction and whether the buyer is represented by a competent attorney if the property is sold. The original lien is only good for the amount set forth in the lien. A new lien must be recorded that reflects new charges. Some liens do not recit ( Full Answer )

Can someone place a lien on your property if you already have a lien against it?

There is no limit to the number of liens that can be recordedagainst the title of any property. Generally, any creditor can sue you in court and obtain a judgment lien against you if they are successful. The lien mustbe recorded in the land records. When creditors force the sale ofthe property, l ( Full Answer )