Your best friend is a guy you have totally fallen in love with him you're afraid to tell him because he may not want to be your friend after that What should you do?

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Look for signs of interest!
Try to make it a bit obvious to him that you've fallen in love with him.
Tell him your like majorly in love with this one guy but you afraid to make a move.
Then depending on his answer MAKE A MOVE!
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If you're best friends with a guy and he has a girlfriend but you flirt and he tells you everything should you tell him you like him and if so how?

Answer . You know the answer to this one ... remain friends and back-off! Your friend has a girlfriend and that's all you need to know. There were chances you had that you could have expressed how you felt about him and told him. I think now more of his time is with his girlfriend and you miss ( Full Answer )

What should you do if your ex-girlfriend wants to be friends but you loved her so much and told her you're afraid you can't bear to see her with someone else because you're still hoping to reunite?

Answer . I am sorry you are hurting so much, and even the next few words I will say will not make you feel any better right now, but in time, you will either get back together or you'll move on.\n. \nMost people have been hurt by someone they loved during their youth. It hurts like hell! It fe ( Full Answer )

Should you tell your girlfriend you're in love with her friend?

Answer . \nOh boy! This is a tough one. You sound like a nice guy, and love takes all sorts of twists and turns. It's to your best interest to tell your girlfriend and be honest. Yes, it will hurt her. If you haven't been seeing her girlfriend (I sure hope not) then perhaps her friend doesn ( Full Answer )

Should you tell your best guy friend that you love him or let him figure it out for himself?

OPINIONS FROM WIKIANSWERS USERS: . Definitely tell them. When I was in year five I had a HUGE crush on a guy. After school I would walk home with him and I would just stare at him. But the thing was that before all this he was one of my only friends, everyone at the school was always asking me ( Full Answer )

What do you do when you're in love with your best friend?

Well it depends on how long the friendship has been going on... if for a long time you probably wouldn't want to be in love with your long time best friend... but if for a little while than it probably could be. FOLLOW YOUR HEART! well.......first thing is to tell the truth, because if this p ( Full Answer )

How do you tell a guy friend that you're in love with him?

First you have to have the surroundings right. Then you have to gently tell him, like give him a scenario, and see how he reacts to it. Then slowly tell him. Not all guys react to " news " like females do !

Should you tell your best guy friend you love him?

if you have a best friend, doesnt that mean you love them? you care about them? isn't that what best friends do?? okay i am not an expert in relationships. but the way i see it is that your best guy friend knows you love him. or else you wouldn't be friends. if you want to tell him that you see your ( Full Answer )

What do you do if you're in love with your best guy friend?

Depending on how you feel, you should make him aware of your feelings. Your best friend should understand your feelings. However, you must weigh this with the future possibility of your friendship becoming "awkward" if the affection is not reciprocated. The good thing about dating your best friend ( Full Answer )

How do you tell your best guy friend that you're falling for him?

Answer . You probably shouldn't do that to tell you the truth! I told my best friend that's a guy that i loved him and he hasn't talked to me for 10 months! 10 MONTHS!! So if you wanna keep that good friendship going, just keep the emotions inside for a little while longer until you know that he ( Full Answer )

Should you tell your best friend that you love him?

Answer . Answer Don't wait another minute. Pick up the phone, tell that person you have to meet with him now, right now, and when the two of you meet tell him that he's driving you crazy, you love him that much, bet he loves you too.

How will you tell your best friend that you're in love with him?

that's a hard one but if i was me i would start getting closer to him and show him that you want to be more than just friends. don't just be the girl he casuly talks to try to be the girl that's always on his mind. i hope this helps and if anything be totally honest with him and just tell him what y ( Full Answer )

How do you tell your best guy friend you love him?

Well its a very hard relationship to maintain because if you love your best friend, and they know it, it can become complicated. For example, your friend could feel the same way about you too, but doesn't want to ruin the friendship, so you stay as friends and its awkward becasue you want more out o ( Full Answer )

If you love someone who has been your friend for years and you want to get married but you're afraid to tell your parents when is the right time to tell them?

You didn't mention how old you both are. If you are in your teens and still in high school it's best to graduate first as most parents just want their children to get a good education. Generally in most States 18 is no longer a minor and you can marry without your parent's blessing. If you are older ( Full Answer )

Should you tell your best friend you love him?

You should tell him when your ready. Don't start off by directly saying, "I love you", you should start off with a simple conversation that will lead you to the main topic. Try not to make it obvious and stay calm.

How do you tell your friend you're in love with him?

u just have to be very very nice about evrything and at a special moment when noone is around that's when u look into his eyes and say i like you and not just freind like i mean i rellly like like you! please don't take it as ruining our friendship but i just relized im nothing without u in my life ( Full Answer )

I want to tell my best friend That I love her but how?

The best thing that you could ever say is her name, and then I love you. Those are some of the best words in the WHOLE WORLD and you should just come out and look at her in the eyes and say it. It will be really hard to say it, but it will so be worth it in the end. Don't be afraid of rejection, bec ( Full Answer )

If you're in love with a girl who is a friend should you tell her?

Just try to answer yourself the question, for example what would happen if you don't tell her and she really really like you. you would never know because you were to afraid to tell her that you loved her, you really dont lose anything and if she is really your friend she will understand you and tel ( Full Answer )

What do you do if you have fallen in love with your best friend who is a male?

\ngo out together like to the movies as just friends or dinner and talk about stuff that you both enjoy if you both enjoy the conversation then ask him out if he has a girlfriend just wait for it to be over if the guy rejects you then dont dump your friendship expecially if your best friends maybe t ( Full Answer )

Your guy friend tells you he loves you and is your best friend forever does he love you?

My boyfriend of 3 years was my best friend. It takes alot of courage and guts for a man whos been your friend forever to tell you that. My boyfriend aka best friend dated a few people when we were friends and loved me the wole time. I say he means it. But yet i dont know your relationship all that w ( Full Answer )

How do you tell your best guy friend you want him?

you get into it like this you ask him somewhere and then when he asks you "just as friends"? you say that your not sure after that he will say what do you mean"? then tell him that you dont want to ruin your friendship but you might want to be more than just friends or you can ask a friend one of yo ( Full Answer )

You really love this guy and he loves you but your best friend is in love with you you don't want to go out with the guy because you don't want to lose your best friend What should you do?

that sounds like something out of a movie, lol. Em, , i reckon the best thing to do would be to sit down and talk to your friend and tell him that you have the highest respect for him but it would never work between the two of you because you don't love him that way, but you still love him, as a fri ( Full Answer )

If you are in love with your best guy-friend do you tell him?

Its defiantly best to tell him. He might feel the same way about you. I would just come out with it when you are chatting casually. Don't say any thing like I need to talk to you, because that makes it sound serious.

What does it mean when you're totally in love with one guy but when you're around your boy best friend all you want to do is kiss him?

You should first ask yourself if you only want to kiss your guy friend because you find him attractive. If so, you're only having these feelings out of lust. If there are other feelings there it may be time to evaluate your relationship with your boyfriend. My boyfriend and I have been together for ( Full Answer )

How do you tell your best friend that you're gay and love him?

Well, this seems like a tricky situation. Here are some tips and tricks on how you could explain: . Get him alone and tell him you have a problem: You have vibes, attracting you to him, and you hope he feels the same. Or, . Take him somewhere quiet- more conveiniently on your own and tell him: ( Full Answer )

What should you do if you're a girl and friend who is a girl tells you she loves you?

you have think what are your feelings towards her? are you attracted to her in that way? it must of taken this girl alot to tell you she loves you cause that's never easy (: do you think you could see yourself holding hands, cuddling, kissing her, having more feelings for her.. now that she's to ( Full Answer )

Im a guy Should you tell you best girl friend you love her in a friendly way?

well that depends on why your telling her that, either A) you love her more than that but its a secret in which case, sure B) she confessed her love for you and you don't love her the same so your telling her that to let her down east in which case, no find a different way, don't use the word love b ( Full Answer )

Should you tell your guy friend you love him?

Of course you should. BUT it depends have you guys know each other for a long period of time if not he might think you are going a little bit too far ,If you didnt take the time to know him a little bit more nor share unforgettable moments together to reinforce the idea of the love you guys share to ( Full Answer )

When you're in deep love with one of your best guy friends?

Go for it. If he doesn't like you, then it doesn't matter if you still want to be friends. If you put the idea out there, he will be thinking about it, and might eventually get the guts to ask you out. If you're true friends then it will work out either way

Is it right when you are a guy to tell your guy best friend you love them?

More people in this world should tell those that they care about that they love them. Being male yourself it is wiser to tell your guy friend that you love them like a brother and not just 'I love you' because he may consider the fact you are gay or just simply strange.

What do you tell your guy friend when he tells you he wants to stop talking to you because he is in love with you?

Depends on whether you like him or not! If you do, tell him! If not, you have a choice to make. If you want to continue being friends with this guy have a serious talk with him. Tell him you don't feel that way about him but would love to continue being friends. That you value him too much to let hi ( Full Answer )