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COMMUNICATION is the key here. When he told you he needed more time apart didn't you ask him why and to explain himself? Some guys simply want "head space" and time to reflect on their future or go traveling before settling down and some are just letting a girl down easy when they say this and really mean they don't want to be tied down to one girl. I think he wants to play the field and perhaps you want more of a commitment which he isn't ready to give you. It's time to start communicating so you are both clear on each other's feelings.

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Q: Your boyfriend says he cares about you and you are worth working on a relationship with but needs more time apart from you for himself should you be worried?
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Should i be worried if my boyfriend isn't that into sex and doesnt think it is important to a relationship?

Normally you should not be worried if your boyfriend isn't that into sex or doesn't think it is important to a relationship... May be he is a person with sincere personality & feels free with feelings for romance!!! Or may be he doesn't find you that attractive to get seduced from you....

What does it mean when you dream of your boyfriend cheating on you?

It means you are worried that he is; you are probably a bit insecure about your relationship. Talk to him about your dream and let him talk to you about how much he loes you. Remember: dreams are just your imagination working while you sleep. They are nothing to worry about.

I worried my boyfriend will think I'm too fat?

You should never be worried that anyone especially a boyfriend will think you are fat.

New boyfriend and is worried about what he did to last girlfriend would he do the same to me?

relationships are base don trust and if you dont know if you could do that then maybe you should rethink your relationshipNo, because he had worried for what he did to his ex-girlfriend.And if he worried maybe, he will not do the same to you.And if you love him, you should trust him.

Should I be worried if my boyfriend doesnt wait for you?

well it could just be hes very impatient. if hes done this since the begging of ur relationship then not really but it be something to work on. if hes starting to recently do it then it may be a sign that the relationships not working out or somethings bugging him.

What does it mean when you have a dream that your boyfriend leaves you for his ex?

That you are worried about your boyfriend leaving you for his ex.

What does it mean when you dream about your boyfriend cheating on you?

All that this means is that you are worried about it. Whether you actually have any reason to be worried, I cannot say. It shows you care. It shows that you are afraid to loose your boyfriend and that you worry about your relationship. This can be a good thing, but there is always a happy medium. Try to focus on more positive things, and forget about him for a while.

What does it mean when you have a dream that your boyfriend is ditching you?

It is probably just your subconscious telling you that you are really worried about losing him... talk to him about it, tell him about your dream. Be open and communicate, its essential to have a healthy relationship.

How could you know that your boyfriend is a virgin?

he will be worried about "Dates"

If your boyfriend girlfriend hasn't said I love you or I like you yet should you be worried?

i seriously am worried...😭

What if your boyfriend and his ex girlfriend are getting to friendly should you be worried?

'Ex' means the relationship is over and your boyfriend should move on from his ex and his attention should be on you. Good communication skills are a must in any relationship so it would be wise for you to discuss with this problem with your boyfriend and tell him to choose between you and his ex. Don't buy 'the friendship' excuse. Moving on from an ex is always healthier.

What should you do when you call your boyfriend and a girl picks up the phone?

be very worried. its not his maid...... be very worried. its not his maid......

My boyfriend is messaging other girls that are his friends on Facebook saying i miss you should i be worried?

Maybe. He could be joking around or cheating. Try talking to these girls and finding out. Though if he is your boyfriend, you should have 100% trust otherwise the relationship isn't worth it.

Books starting with the letter w?

Wisdom of the blue worried me not working in horror worried sick

Should you be worried that your girlfriend keeps pictures of her ex-boyfriend around?

Yes, because her ex-boyfriend is me.

What does it mean when your boyfriend is nervous to kiss you?

Your boyfriend may be worried he is a bad kisser. Try talking to him about it or just kiss him.

If you dream about your boyfriend cheeting you what does it mean?

you're worried and don't trust him.

What do you do if your boyfriend hasent seen you in a month and your worried?

Plug in the vibrator and relax.

If your boyfriend is hangong out with your best friend more then you Should I be worried?

not really

The word imposing in a sentence?

My friend was worried about imposing on my date with my boyfriend.

What does it mean if you dream thatyour boyfriend stabbed you?

That you are worried that he is going to hurt you.

Should you be worried if there is an unpainful throb in the vagina area for no apparent reason and you are 14?

No. But your boyfriend should be worried. Tell him this is absolutely normal.

What to do when your boyfriend only talks to you if you talk to him first?

talk to him. ask him if he likes talking to you. tell him you are worried that you and him arent working. dont lead to the fact that you wanna break up. that would turn out bad!

Should I be worried if my boyfriend says he loves his girl best friend the same as me?

obviously.............u should be worried.............tell ur boyfriend if u love ur best friend who is a girl then who am i.............then she will be ur girlfriend..............

What if another boy wants you but you have a boyfriend?

I have a boyfriend and there are guys who want me. There are girls who want my boyfriend. Our relationship is strong enough that, while we can't help but be a little worried that the other has options, we're still together and don't even consider those other people. If you're that interested in the guy who wants you, you probably shouldn't be with your boyfriend. If you like your boyfriend enough, you should be able to pass it off as just a guy.