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If he deposited sperm in your vagina and you ovulated, you could be pregnant. No sperm, no baby.

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Q: Your boyfriend stuck it in without a condom a couple times could you be pregnant?
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If you had condom protected sex two days ago and your period started today are you safe from being pregnant?

I believe that you should take a couple of pregnancy tests just to be on the safe side.

Could you be pregnant if your boyfriend released some semin in you and you had your period but you threw up a couple days ago and am still feeling badly?

did you swallow it?

You are you pregnant if you had your period the day after your boyfriend cumed in you?

If you were pregnant you shouldn't have your period However just in case I suggest you wait a couple weeks (after your period) and get an over the counter pregnancy test just to be sure

If your boyfriend couple skates with you does he like you?

Apparentely if he is your BOYFRIEND!!!

Could I be pregnant if my boyfriend came over my underwear but I am on the pill and sometimes take it a couple hours late?

There are least chances of you getting pregnant. Pills will protect you from getting pregnant. You take the pills late by couple of hour late at times. That does not lower the efficacy of the pills. But you must get the periods with in a week of finishing the course of your pills. Other wise you have to consult your doctor.

Did margot have a boyfriend?

yeah she had a couple of them

If your boyfriend came on his hands rinsed them in water no soap and wiped them on his roll of toilet paper which you wiped with a couple minutes later could you be pregnant?

No, but why did he not throw the toilet paper away afterwards

What are bumps on the vaginal lips if you are sexually active and your boyfriend doesn't have them?

I would certainly hope that your boyfriend doesn't have vaginal lips! Hopefully the couple is practicing "safe sex." If a condom is used, it is possible that the woman is having an allergic reaction. Some people, men and women, are very sensitive/allergic to latex or lotions, creams, etc...

Your boyfriend ejaculated in you but you're not pregnant is there something wrong with you?

No, some women get pregnant the first time they try but for others it can take anything up to a couple of years. It doesn't mean anything is wrong, just that the timing isn't right for you. It will happen if you give it time.

In the state of Georgia can a pregnant 16-year-old girl move out of her abusive home into her 19-year-old boyfriend's and parents' home without her parents' permission?

The age of majority in Georgia is eighteen. Any adult who allows a minor to reside in their homes without having received permission from the minor's parents or legal guardian can be charged under both civil and criminal codes. Something that might be of interest to the couple, however, is the state of Georgia allows a pregnant minor to marry without parental consent. When applying for a marriage license, the couple must present a notarized statement from a licensed physician validating the pregnancy. If you are married you can move out but i am not sure about if your are not. If your plan to stay with your boyfriend i suggest you guys go to the courthouse an get married. B/c you do not need to put your baby in danger.

Can the word couple be used as an adjective?

yes, if you are talking about like boyfriend girlfriend tpe of couple. If you are talking like a couple of apples, then no.

When to get pregnant after marriage?

That is up to the couple to decide.