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If he deposited sperm in your vagina and you ovulated, you could be pregnant. No sperm, no baby.

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Don't think so as long as the male hasn't ejaculated and the condom has ripped

You can't get pregnant during your period, or for a couple of days before and after. However, you should always use a condom.

Well, personally and not medically proven, there is a very low chance of being pregnant but it could still happen because some people's bodies would not have the successful reaction of not being pregnant after sex but some could be pregnant. If you're using a condom, and a condom alone, the chances are about 45/55 of being pregnant because their could be a possibility of the the condom tearing. But to put it simply if the couple is using all of the above, then the chances are low but it's still possible.

When you have sex there is always a possiblilty, that is why they give warnings on condom packages and birth control, for the just in case. I wouldn't freak out til I missed a couple of periods.

Obviously, sex without a condom is unsafe, but the chances of becoming pregnant from this are slim. After all, you here of couples trying for ages to become pregnant. It generally depends on the woman's menstrual cycle, if you had sex without a condom a couple of days before her period is due, there is a higher chance of pregnancy, as there is an egg available. If you penetrated her just after she had her period, then there is almost no chance of becomign pregnant (however there is still a chance). This is why the days just after a womans period are called her "safe days".

If he had a condom on that was in good condition he would not be able to get you pregnant even if he ejaculated while within you. You see the condom is a barrier that stops semen bearing sperm from entering your vagina, uterus and onto the ovum when it is there,

Overall the condom since it protects from STI's as well but as a couple it would be him using a condom and she is on the pill.

I believe that you should take a couple of pregnancy tests just to be on the safe side.

If you were pregnant you shouldn't have your period However just in case I suggest you wait a couple weeks (after your period) and get an over the counter pregnancy test just to be sure

Of course you can. Remember this old saying: "The only way prevent pregnancy 100% is to not have sex"? You can have the shot and a condom and still get pregnant. Yeesh what ever happened to sex ed.?

yeah she had a couple of them

There are least chances of you getting pregnant. Pills will protect you from getting pregnant. You take the pills late by couple of hour late at times. That does not lower the efficacy of the pills. But you must get the periods with in a week of finishing the course of your pills. Other wise you have to consult your doctor.

I feel that if a teen couple gets pregnant they should do whats best for the child.

It sounds like your chances of being pregnant are slim to none. Number one you said there was no precum and number 2 you said he pulled out right after it happened. You have to have some kind of cum to get pregnant whether its precum or a full blown gush. To make yourself feel better take a test.

The fact you missed two periods is glaring. Did you miss any of your pills in the last couple of months for more than 2 days? There is a possibility that you are pregnant. Get a test and see what the results are.

DEPENDS ON WHAT STATE YOU LIVE IN. I KNOW IN GEORGIA THAT YOU CAN GOT TO THE COURTHOUSE AND GET MARRIED(IF YOU ARE PREGNANT) WITHOUT YOUR PARENTS PREMISSION. THERE ARE A COUPLE OF MORE STATES I AM JUST NOT SURE WHICH ONES. Georgia, Maryland and Florida allow minors to marry w/o parental permission if they are pregnant or have had a child. Such laws however do not apply to every situation, cases are decided on an individual basis.

In brief, yes she can be pregnant. Anytime you have unprotected sex, there is the possibility of pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a risk from sexual intercourse but the risk is much smaller when the couple uses birth control. If used correctly, every time you have sex, the condom is about 98% effective. For more protection taking birth control pills or other hormonal devices used with condoms the effectiveness is over 99%.

I would certainly hope that your boyfriend doesn't have vaginal lips! Hopefully the couple is practicing "safe sex." If a condom is used, it is possible that the woman is having an allergic reaction. Some people, men and women, are very sensitive/allergic to latex or lotions, creams, etc...

That is up to the couple to decide.

yes, if you are talking about like boyfriend girlfriend tpe of couple. If you are talking like a couple of apples, then no.

Without children. A childless couple is a couple without children.

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