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It would be in your best interest to get out of this relationship as in most cases the violence does and will escalate. You need to protect yourself - let someone know and help you leave as to not be cornered by him - be careful. Don't be afraid to let your parents or guardians know. He can only help himself and seek help for his issues and behaviour which definitely need to be addressed but until he can face the way his is and admit that will any of the above occur.

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Should you stay with your boyfriend or leave him?

Depends on how he treats you

How do you know if you have a nice boyfriend?

Watch how he treats his mom!

How do you know when boyfriend dont want you no more?

when he treats you like he dont want you no more.When he wont kiss you in public, wont hold you anymore, and if he goes to school with you he wont sit or talk to you when you want.

Why doesn't my boyfriend call me babe anymore?

maybe hes seeing someone else or may be he just got used to you so now he just treats you like a best best best friend .

What is a good boyfriend?

A good boyfriend is a loyal, honest man who is sweet and treats there girlfriend how they deserve to be treated.

What do you do if your boyfriend treats you right but you think your afraid of him?

you treat him back equally

How do you get a guy to notice you when you have a boyfriend who treats u like crap?

Dump your boyfriend first, if he treats you like crap then he's really not worth it. Then you can start flirting with this new guy or anyone you like. Try not to go back to the original boyfriend as tempting as it seems.

How could you know that it is a true love?

by the way your boyfriend looks at you in the eye or how he treats you

Is your boyfriend still into you or is he pretending when he treats you good sometimes but bullies you most other times?

Yes he's still into you, but he just likes to feel that he's in control most of the time, hence the bullying.

You just started dating this boy you liked for 3 years but you might be in love with some else he treats you right and your boyfriend doesn't what should you do?

Are you serious? You just answered your own question. If he treats you right and your boyfriend doesn't, then there you go.

What do elephants eat in the zoo?

Zookeepers mostly feed them hay and branches. They also give them treats of peanuts, fruits, and veggies. Sometimes they hide nutrition supplements in these treats. They also sometimes fill toys with treats and make it a game for the elephant to get all of the food out.

How can you tell that your boyfriend loves you?

He treats you as if you were the only girl in the world, respects you, your requests, and beliefs.

How do you know when your boyfriend is in love with you?

if he puts you first in most things he does and if he treats you like a queen

Your boyfriend keeps being nasty to you?

Dump him! He ain't worth your time if he treats you like that.

How do you know if you truly love your boyfriend at fourteen?

You know if your truly in love with your boyfriend when he treats you like a queen and buys you outstanding and amazing stuff that you love!!!!!

How do you choose between your boyfriend and a boy that likes you but your boyfriend is NT treating you correctly?

if you like the boy that likes u and he treats u good than go out with him

My family do not like my boyfriend what should i do?

nothing - just carry on seeing your boyfriend and hopefully if your fmily see he makes you happy and he treats you well maybe they will grow to like him .

What is wrong with feeding your dog only treats?

If you feed your dog only treats everyday or for a while the treats don't become treats anymore. It's like human life, if you eat snacks for every meal the snacks would become your breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you try to teach your dog a trick what are you gonna give him? He is so use to eating treats there's like no reward for him to do that trick.

How do you get treats on Nintendogs?

They sometimes apear in the discount shop(the shops you can visit when you go for a walk)

What do dogs like for a prize?

Dogs like treats or sometimes a bely rub for a treat.

If you have a boyfriend and he treats you well but won't stay overnight--what does that mean?

he might be married, or have really strict parents

What you can consider your boy friend when he treats you like aprincess?

Is he just a friend? or a boyfriend? If he is just a friend and treats you like a princess maybe he is trying to tell you something. If he is a friend consider him as being more, would you like it would you not? Then once you've made your decision talk to him about it and see if he has feelings for you. If he's a boyfriend then he is trying to be nice and kind and look after you, like any boyfriend would.

What specialist treats diseases and disorders of the female reproductive system?

Sometimes a experienced gynecologist, who have done a course in infertility treats the common disorders. You also have the gynecologist, who have done super specialization in infertility, who treats the problems with female infertility.

How do you know he doesnt love you anymore?

You will know if he doesn't love you anymore by the way he treats you. If he starts looking for or making excuses about spending time with you and stops telling you that he loves you, these are warning signs of his love diminishing for you.

John cena is nice or undertaker?

undertaker aka mark calaway is a true gentleman.cena sometimes treats people like **** and sometimes good

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