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That depends if you yourself drive/or have a drivers licence.If you have the drivers licence,then you should be able to insure the car under your name . On the other hand,there is no hard and fast rule about ownership/registration under your the car can be registered under anyones name.. irrespective of insurance or drivers licence..but insurance is dificult,unless you yourself drive.

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Q: Your boyfriend wants to buy a car but he wants you to register and insured the car under your name can that be possible?
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Can you register a car in NJ that does not belong to me.?

yes you can, but it will have to be registered AND insured under your name

Is it possible to have a car title in your name but have it insured under your parents policy?


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Your sons car is insured in your name with him as named driver Can you register the car to him?

If the vehicle is registered to him, he will need his own policy. You must have an "insurable interest" in an item to insure it under your own name.

If your boyfriend and you each own a car under your respective names can you both be insured under one policy?

Not too sure... Admiral MultiCar? or similar? Both might need to have the same registered keeper.

Can you drive a car that has insurance but not under your name?

If you're liscensed, and have permission from the person under which the car is insured, you are able to drive the car if it is insured even if you yourself are not insured

Is it possible for a man to have his expectant girlfriend covered on his medical insurance?

Of course you would have to check the stipulations that are outlined by this particular insurance company but most times you can be insured under it with a possible nominal fee.

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You need to be insured where you live.

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If a car is insured in the state of Georgia under someone your boyfriend knows then can you drive the car if you aren't on the insurance?

Usually the insurance on the vehicle covers any driver who has the permission of the owner of the vehicle to drive the car.

What is a co-insured?

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