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Your breasts are bigger than usual and you have lower back pain with pressure downwards Could you be pregnant?


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Yes and no. PMS (pre menstrual symptoms ) are just the same as pregnancy symptoms. If you are trying to conceive it is likely that you are pregnant you can feel confident testing after your period is late. Good luck! Low Back pain is not a typical symptom of pregnancy, breat tenderness and nausea are. Without knowing when your last period was and when you had sex it is impossible to predict if you are pregnant of not. If you miss your period, get a pregnancy test.


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Absolutely, this is one of the first signs, they get bigger and more tender.

Yes they do in preparation for breastfeeding.

Yes the breasts are getting ready to produce milk for the baby causing them to get harder and bigger.

No, it does not. It only makes your tummy bigger if you get pregnant. :P And if you do get pregnant, your breasts and your butt grow with your tummy...but on its own, nothing of the sort.

You are simply putting on weight, you are going through puberty or are pregnant.

mine started getting bigger around month 4. by month 5 they were VERY noticeable.

There is no reason for you to want bigger breasts

As you go through puberty. The actual time varies. They also tend to get larger when you are pregnant.

Prenatal vitamins are for pregnant women. Sometimes when women are pregnant their bodies go through changes that include your breasts getting bigger. It actually has nothing to do with the prenatal vitamins.

Caressing your breasts will not make your breasts bigger. One way to possibly increase the size of your breasts is to gain weight.

You could be, but it could be a sign that your period is coming. If you miss your period, take a test

It is your muscles getting stinger and they helps your breasts get bigger

The make you breasts look bigger but they do not make your breasts grow bigger.

If you were to get pregnant, your mammary glands would start to generate milk thus becomming bigger and after the breast feeding and mammary glands stop producing milk, the breasts will be bigger than they previously were but not as big as when producing milk.

you should not have swollen breasts when you get your period, if they feel like they are getting bigger, this is a sign of being pregnant. Your nipples will also get darker in color and your breasts will be tender to the touch.

Well if you are a teenager then your breasts are growing because you are going through puberty. When I was going through puberty I went from small a cups to c cups and I am very slim. The only other way your breasts would get bigger is if you are pregnant. If this is not the case you should talk to your family doctor.

The combined contraceptive pill will make your breasts bigger...

There is a 4 in 50 chance that your pregnant. Its probably you developing or your periods are irregular caused by eating unhealthy.

No it does not. But making milk yourself (lactation) does make your breasts bigger.

The only way to enlarge breasts is by surgery.

No, there are other possible causes, but that may be one explanantion

Bread will not give you bigger breasts without making your whole body correspondingly bigger.

Nothing you eat will make your breasts bigger. The only way to make your breast size bigger is to have a surgical implant.

One can manage to get bigger breasts by massaging one's breast everyday constantly. In addition, one can eat certain foods to get bigger breasts and a healthier body.

Your breasts normally get bigger before a period, but if your period doesn't come, take a test 2 weeks after the date that your period should have come on

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