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could be altenator, or relay

2006-08-03 02:19:58
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Does wearing sunglasses while driving in the rain help?


What means check cages that comes up on your dashboard when motor stops running while driving?

anyone help me understand what does it mean check gages light on dashboard. Answer: It means to look at the guages, something is out of the ordinary range, even the fuel level being low can cause this "Check Gauges" not the Check Engine light to come on\.

How does f1 driver sees while driving?

They have visors in their helmet which can help them to see out of

What should you do if your car is overheating while driving?

pull over and call for help

Does taking off your left shoe help you stay awake while driving?


Why would a fan runs while you are driving?

There are 2 fans that would be running while you are driving and that is normal... the compressor fan if you have the air conditioner running and the radiator fan runs to help keep the radiator cool while the engine is on.

Where are the headlights?

Just on the front of your car on either side to help you see in the dark while you are driving!

What should you do if you break down while driving?

pick up your cell phone and call for help

Is the driving test easy?

I think driving test differs from one state to another so, some may be difficult while other could be easy. Just make sure you relax while taking your driving test -- that will help you pass it.

Why does a 2002 cavalier shift into high gear while driving?

While driving my cavalier will shift into high gear for at least a couple of minutes. Shifting gears,giving it gas does not help. Any suggestions?

Dismounting dashboard in Peugeot 107?

To dismount the dashboard in Peugeot 107 you need the tool box. The tool box will help you in opening the bolts and nuts and dismount the dashboard.

Why is a defense driving course helpful?

While defensive driving is not only for people who get tickets, it is also good to help driving down your insurance costs. The on-line courses will teach you how to improve your physical and mental driving abilities.

What Problems did the Radio solve?

I need help with homework pls help

Help with the exclamation mark what is that mean?

On a dashboard? It means your handbrake is on.

What steps can you use to take to help people see you at dawn or dusk while driving?

Brighter headlights dah!

What are some teen driving distractions?

There are several distractions that affect teen driving, however a major problem today is texting while driving. Texting while driving is the cause of many fatalities every year, especially amongst teen drivers. Protect your teen and help raise awareness of distracted driving. DCH Auto Group has a Teen Safe Driving Foundation dedicated to raising awareness about teen safe driving.

How do you remove the dashboard on a 2002 Corvette z06?

how do i remove the dashboard from my 2002 corvette to change the hud display there is a site that may help you

Your 88 cutlass supreme stalls out while driving down the road please help?

There are several things that can cause your 1988 Cutlass supreme to stall out while driving down the road. The most common cause is a malfunctioning fuel pump.

6.0 power stroke Ford superduty hesitation while driving?

Ford Dealer can help you. that question has endless answers

My car backfired while i was driving and now it won't start?

The year, make, model and engine info would help.

How does radio help people?

The radio help people to understand different kinds of music and to broadcast the news. The radio help people to understand different kinds of music and to broadcast the news.

Can the human ear hear radio waves?

Not without the help of a radio

How do you get your dashboard lights For a 95 Chevy Astro Minivan The dashboard lights are out can you help with advice on how to fix this?

Do parking and taillights work? If not check fuse--common circuit

How hard is it to change a vp dashboard to a vs dashboard?

ive been trying for a long time i just cant figure it out your help would be greatly apreaciated

Which fuse for dashboard?

i need help in finding the fuse for my 2000 gmc safari