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Your car stereo works great when the car is off once you turn on the car it quits working why is this?


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your ground wire for the stereo is connected to the ignition wire of the car

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My 2004 vw Passat has Monsoon stereo. It works from time to time and when isn't working, there is a "check" on the stereo display. How do I fix this problem?

It works great, see, your question got answered.

The speakers are powered by the stereo, which in turn the stereo has a fuse. If the stereo works (turns on), but not the speakers, then it may be a wiring issue.

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make sure the speakers werent stolen first off then try new wires from the stereo to a speaker that you are sure works. if that speaker doesnt work take your stereo back

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Not if the CD player is an integral part of the stereo. If it is a separate component then it may have a different fuse circuit.

Try powering the stereo up with jumpers to a power source. If the stereo still won't work with direct power check to see if it might have a anti theft stereo. If no then replace the unit. If it works with jumpers then look for a break in the wire or a bad fuse. Easiest fix in this case would be to run a new wire from the fuse panel, (key on power) to the stereo. These cars are known for stereo problems, my daugher has an 1989 929 and the stereo dies for days and then works if someone turns it off by accident instead of just turning off the volume...

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