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They were not taken care of and fed. One cannibalized the other and then died of starvation. This is common in pet stores.

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If a parent tells a child to get out of their house can that parent then call the child in as a runaway?

Well, they can but they would be lying. The parent is kicking them out of the house, the child is not running away; sooner or later the police (if the parent did call the child in as a runaway) would probably figure out the child did not runaway and the child was kicked out. If the parents kicked them out, then why would they call the child in as a missing if they didn't want them?

What horror movie about a man who has dreams about some dead girl he thinks a nanny kidnapped his child and somehow in the movie she is the sister of a missing girl later she is buried in his house?

It can be ''Stir Of Echoes'' .

Did Ed McVaney create Java?

No, Ed McVaney was one of the founders of J.D. Edwards which was later bought by PeopleSoft which was later bought by Oracle.Java was created by James Gosling of Sun Microsystems (along with other Sun engineers). Sun was later bought by Oracle so there is a small connection.

How many people were missing from the Mt St helens volcano eruption?

47 went missing out of which 15 were found alive later.

Who bought First Federal Savings and Loan of Jacksonville?

1989, Southeast Bank bought First Federal of Jax. Southeast was later bought out by another bank

Do you have to pay back child support if you didn't find out the child was yours until six years later?

Seems like it depends on the court agreement that requires you to pay child support. In common sense terms, it might be water under the bridge.

Was Hephaestus child?

Hephaestus both was at one point a child and later had a children.

What are the three most common diseases that you can get in your later years?

Cardiovascular and Respiratory disease are most common in your later years.

How is the common cold spread in child care centers?

If a child with a cold touches her runny nose, then plays with a toy, some of the virus may be transferred to the toy. When another child plays with the toy a short time later, he may pick up some of the virus on his hands.

What if you bought the vehicle as is and it tore up two weeks later?

You own it and its problems

When did Prada launch its sunglasses collection?

1999. Then later was bought from luxottica group

Does MacBook Air have pages?

Only if it came with iWorks installed or you bought it later.

Was Alaska originally apart of the Louisiana purchase of 1803?

No. It was puchased much later (in 1867) from the Russians.

Who was Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragons child?

The only child to survive was Mary. Later Mary I

Can son sue you for child support 25 years later?

No, there is no need for child support this late.

Was Alice Crimmons missing children ever found?

yes the daughter first and then the son later

Why was Denver Pyle buried in Texas?

He once worked in the Texas oil fields and later bought a ranch in Forreston, Texas where he was later buried.

Surrogate mothers have visitation rights to see the child later?

Nope, no rights to the child at all after birth.

If you give up your rights to a child is it legal to contact the child later on?

It's legal but you have no legal claim on them, or to them.

What could happen to a police officer who fails to file a missing child report?

There's a lot that could happen. If the officer fails to file the missing child report and the child is later found murdered than the city and Police officer responsible is looking at millions of dollars being lost to a wrongful death and negligence lawsuit. The Officer may even be terminated from his position and could possibly face criminal charges too for misconduct resulting in death. Not only are the parents going to be out for the officers blood but the prosecutors office is going to be out for alot more.

Can you be late from missing your pill?

Generally speaking, missing pills will cause breakthrough bleeding earlier rather than later - unless missing pills allowed you to ovulate and you have conceived. If you're cycle is late I would suggest taking a pregnancy test.

Can you buy an action replay ds in games shop?

Not that I know of I bought my 1st one online then it broke a few years later and I bought another one at wallmart

What did Steve jobs do after he got fired from apple?

He started a new company called NeXT Computer, which was later bought by Apple. He also bought Pixar from George Lucas.

Did Shane Sparks get arrested?

Yes he was arrested for accusation of child mollestation he was later balied out one day later

Bill Gates created Microsoft and?

He only created Microsoft, but later bought more companies.