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well my mum and dad have blue and brown eyes respectively. i have brown eyes and my brother has blue. go figure?

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If you have blue eyes what color should you wear?


What color should a child's eyes be if the father has brown eyes and the mother has blue eyes?

Brown. because its 70% that the baby will have brown eyes. And 30% that the baby will have blue eyes.

If you have blue eyes and your husband has light brown eyes what color will your baby have?


What color eyes should a blue nose pit-bull have?

Blue brown or yellow

What color eyes should a husky dog have?


Can to blue eyed parents have brown eyes?

Yes, if both parents with blue eyes get contacts which color their eyes brown, then two blue eyed parents can have brown eyes.

Brown eyes are dominant over blue eyes Cross a hybrid brown with a recessive blue What color eyes will the offsprinf have?

brown of course

What color eyes will your baby have if the father has blue eyes and you have brown eyes?

75% chance brown 25% chance blue

What color braces should you get if you have brown hair and hazel eyes?

my opinion is blue braces

What Color Eyes Did Buddy Holly Have?

He had brown eyes.

What color are Tom Selleck eyes?

Tom Selleck's eyes are brown.

What would be the color of children with male brown eyes and female blue eyes?


The color of roald dahls eyes?

roald dahl had brown eyes

What color eyes would the baby have if the mother has brown eyes an the father has blue eyes?

The baby could have any color of eye from brown to hazel to green to blue - the genetics of eye color are complex and multifactorial. However, in general blue eyes are mostly recessive and brown eyes tends to be dominant.

What color eyes will your newborn have?

It will usually have blue eye which can change to another color. If you and/or your husband have brown eyes you baby can be born with brown eyes.

What are Phenotypes?

The visual representation of a genotype in an organism. Examples: Blue eyes or Brown eyes.Eye color, blue or brown.

What color eyes and hair will your baby have if the father has brown hair and brown eyes and the mother has red hair and blue eyes grandparents have brown hair blue eyes and one redhead w blue eyes?

there is a 90% chance it will have blue eyes and brown hair but you will never know

Brown eyes are dominant Cross a homozygous brown with a recessive blue What color eyes will the offspring have?

all brown the chances of brown eyes both parents have to have blueeyes for blue eyes to become dominant but its still possible no matter what for blue or brown

What color hair and eyes does Hitler have?

Blue eyes, brown hair.

What color eyes will your baby have if the male has brown eyes and female has blue?

Most likely brown

What color are Oprah eyes?

blue/brown sometimes its blue sometimes they are not

What color are leprechauns eyes?

either golden brown or blue.

If one parent has brown eyes and the other blue eyes what color eyes will you most likely have?

Blue eyes are a recessive gene, so you should be most likely to have brown eyes. By doing a Punnet Square, however, you can find the exact likelihood.

What is an example for homozygous?

If a person has blue eyes, they are are homozygous for that trait. Blue eye color is recessive to brown, so a person with blue eyes has two copies of the blue gene for eye color. If the person has brown eyes, they could carry the blue gene because blue is recessive to brown. This person would be heterozygous for eye color.

What are the color of tobyMac's kid's eyes?

blue and brown

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