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Unless he was designated in the Will, but the father can also challenge.

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Q: Your daughter died She has 2 children She was married but husband did not adopt the children you are the grandmother Do you have legal custody?
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Who has custody of brandy norwood's baby?

Brandy and her Ex husband share custody of their daughter and are on good terms.

How can we get custody of my husband's children?

Your husband have to go to court and petition for custody. Unless the mother is unfit and you can prove it, it will most likely not be full custody though.

Who is your son's daughter's great grandmother's husband to you?

Your granddaughter has four great grandmother's and presumably each had a husband. Two of them are your father and your father-in-law, but the other two are the grand parents of your daughter-in-law. You are not related to the grandparents of your daughter-in-law.

Your ex husband and you got custody of your step daughter from dhr the mothers parental rights were not terminated how can you get custody of this child?

file for custody

Does Britney Spears have custody of her children?

Yes. She now shares custody with her ex-husband.

If you marry into a family how does your husband get joint custody?

Your husband cannot get joint custody of your children from a prior marriage. Custody arrangements are made between parents of children. Your present husband can legally adopt your children with their father's consent. He would then have all the legal rights and obligations of a biological father. The children would become his legal heirs-at-law.

How can you divorce your illegal husband of 9 years and with children?

You divorce and get custody over your kids or just get full custody!

If the mother cheats on her husband who gets custody?

With the American legal system, if the children are young the female will most likely get custody.

How can you get your children to the UK from their abusive father?

You will need a lawyer to try and get you full custody of your children and your lawyer will have to prove your husband is abusive to his children. If you presently have duel custody of your children and you take the children to the UK you could be charged with kidnapping.

What are a woman's legal rights when her husband leaves her and their children?

She can get child support, and full custody.

What custody rights does a father and a husband have to his children after a year of no contact with the children?

Generally, if married he has custody rights equal to the mother unless she has brought a petition for sole custody in his absence. If he is not married his custody rights must be established by a court order.

What do you call your grandmother's sister's husband?

Your grandmother's sister's husband is your great uncle.

What do you call your husbands grandmother?

Your husband's grandmother is merely "your husband's grandmother." The English language has no special term for such a relationship.

If a single mother dies and the father does not have custody who gets the children?

I live in PA and I am the noncustodial parent. My attorney told me that if my ex-husband dies, I would get immediate custody of my children.

Are you a grandmother to your husbands children kids?

* If your husband's children have accepted you as a step-mother and you get along then you would not technically be their true grandmother; but, if his children want you to be part of their children's lives then yes, you could be a grandmother. The children may with to call his former wife 'grandmother; granny, grandma' but they could call you 'nanna; nanna Mary (by your Christian name) or may have a nickname for you.

Who is Jocasta in relation to Antigone in 'Antigone'?

Mother to daughter and grandmother to granddaughter is what Jocasta is in relation to Antigone of "Antigone" by Sophocles (495 B.C.E. - 405 B.C.E.).Specifically, Theban Queen Jocasta is both mother and wife to Oedipus, her son and second husband. She therefore is mother both to her second husband and to their four children. At the same time, as the mother of her children's father, she also is their grandmother.

Can a ex husband just do what he likes with the children?

It depends if he has custody of the children but afterwards if necessary he may be supervised by a responsible person.

What kind of parental rights will my husband have for our children once the divorce is final?

The rights your ex-husband will have once you divorce will all depend on what the judge rules. He could have joint custody or split custody.

If a husband and wife spilt up and there is no court order for any child who has custody of the children?


What can you do if you currently have joint custody however your ex-husband is not taking care of your daughter's insurance or visitation however he is claiming her on his taxes?

Take him to court and ask for sole custody, make sure you have documentation that he is not assisting in your daughter's needs.

Barbara's daughter is my daughter's mother who are you to Barbara?

Barbara is the mother of your daughter's mother. That means that you are married to Barbara's daughter..which makes you her husband. Therefore you are the son-in-law of Barbara. You could also be Barbara's daughter. Barbara is the grandmother.

Has J.K. Rowling got children?

Yes, she has a daughter from her first marriage and a son and a daughter with her current husband.

How likely is it for the father to get custody if the mother was unfaithful and then left the marriage and family?

The father will find it easier to get the custody of the children , as the wife has left both the husband and as well as the children and is least interested in them.

Did Ron Silver ever play the role of an ex-husband of a career woman on a TV series who constantly was challenging her suitability as a mother and fighting her for custody of their daughter?

Yes, I believe he played the role of Christine Lahti's ex-husband on Chicago Hope, and they had several custody disputes over their daughter.

If you are not divorced from your husband can your can the husband get custody of the children?

If you are not divorced then both parents have equal rights regarding custody, decision making and control of the children. If a couple chooses to live apart one party must obtain a court order to get sole custody of the children. That party would need to convince the court the other parent is unfit and awarding sole custody to the moving party is in the best interest of the children. A husband would not be favored for sole custody simply on the basis of being a man. There must be extenuating and serious circumstances for the court to award custody to one parent. You should consult with an attorney in your jurisdiction who can review your situation and inform you of your rights.