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It means get her to a doctor; she might have a concussion.

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Q: Your daughter smaked her forehead hard and her right pupil is smaller than the left what does that mean?
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Pupil gets larger it dilates pupil gets smaller it?


Sweating from only one side of forehead?

Horner's syndrome can cause sweating to stop on one side of the forehead. Usually there are signs in the pupil as well.

When a light is in your eye does you pupil go bigger or smaller?

Smaller because the eye is protecting it's self from the light

When the iris does not get enough light through the pupil the pupil gets smaller True or False?


How does the eye adapt to sudden increase in brightness?

the pupil gets smaller

What happened to the pupil as the object get closer?

the pupil becomes smaller trying to converge the light coming from the object.

What is the consensual reflex of the pupil?

the pupil gets smaller because there is an abundance of light present.

Why does your pupil go smaller when I wall into the sun?

Your pupil gets smaller and larger depending on the amount of light present. in a dark room, your pupil will get big to collect as much light as possible, so that you can see. When you look at the sun or a bright object (which you shouldn't) your pupils get smaller because they have too much light.

How is the Nerve impulse responsible for the pupil becoming smaller?

Pupil is a window for the light to enter our eyes. When we are in a dim light a nerve impulse is generated to the brain to enlarge the pupil. Size of pupil is managed by the iris (coloured part of the eye). If excessive light is there, the pupil shrinks to a smaller size so that the eye's not damaged esp. the retina where the image of objects are formed

The muscles that cause mydriasis and miosi?

The dilator muscle which makes the pupil larger and the constrictor muscle which makes the pupil smaller.

How does light affect the pupil of the eye?

With high intensity light your pupil constricts. This happens to protect your retina from damage by light of high intensity.

What would happen if your pupil did not get bigger or smaller?

your eye would explode