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Yes, she is of legal age to make a decision of where she wants to live.

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You have joint custody with your ex when your daughter turns 18 can she decide to live with you exclusively?

you bet. becoming 18 gives the "adult" permission to live wherever he/she wants. he/she is nobody's custody.

What is the minimum age to say who he wants to live with?

The minimum age that the child can decide who he wants to live with is 18 years.

Can a 16yr child decide who he wants to live with?

No but if it goes to court the judge will probably hear what he wants but the court is not obligated to follow his wish. Until he is 18 it's his parents who decide which of them he will live with. If he wants to live somewhere else he will need their consent.

What age can your daughter decide she wants to live with you?

Usually not until she is 18 but if it goes to court the court will listen to a child from around age 16 but is not obligated to follow the wish.

Can my 16 year old daughter move with grandma just because she wants to?

If you are the parent you can say no. You didn't say which state you live in. She might be old enough to decide.

In what Canadian province can a 16 year old decide which parent they choose to live with?

Here the child at 16 years can not decide where she or he wants to live. As they are minors the court will decide it for them.

Can a 16 year old decide which parent he wants to live with regardless of who has custody?

No. A minor is not allowed to decide, it's the parents or the court.

Age child can decide where he wants to live?

When he is 18. Until then the parents or court decides.

Can your 17 year old daughter decide to live with you if her mom has custody?

If you live in the US, no, she can't just decide that on her own. Mom either has to agree to it or you have to petition the court for a change of custody.

Can you be 16 and decide which parent you live with?

In most States the Judge will take into consideration were the child wants to live after the age 14.

Can an 8 year old decide which parent she wants to live with?

Not in the US. You have to have reached the adult age by that state to decide. usually it's 18.

Is the world going to end on 122112?

No the world is not going to end because we believe in the lord that we are going to live till he wants us to live if he created the earth then he will decide when he wants the world to end

Can a 17 year old in Indiana decide where she wants to live?

No, she can only express an opinion. See links

How old does a child have to be in Texas to decide which parent to live with?

The courts will take into consideration the child's wants as to whom they want to live with but in the state of TX the child is not old enough to "decide" until age 13.

Can a 17 year old decide that he wants to live with friends instead of his mother?

yes if you live in Australia any way. and it would be your decision

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