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No - not at all. You will begin to dilate around 36 weeks and you can go 6 weeks without dilating any further. Most women are 1-2 cm dilated for the last weeks of their pregnancy. I really don't know why the doctors tell you this - it just means you worry. If you get to 4cm dilated it probably means you will go into labour soon.

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What is the dilation of the virgina of a woman?

The dilation of a woman's vagina occurs when she is in labor. It will dilate up to 10 centimeters when she is ready to deliver.

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You are only 29 weeks your doctor just told you i am half a centimeter dilated and 75 percent effaced what does this mean?

Your cervix must dilate (open up) to 10 centimeters before you can essentially, 'push' the baby out. So half a cm is good progress, though it seems a bit early at 29 weeks? 75% effaced: you have to be 100% effaced (thinned out) for the cervix to fully dilate & ready to deliver the baby. So you're just about finished there.

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