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It depends on what part you "took off". If the motor is still attached, and if the motor itself works ( in other words, if the problem is in the switch, not the motor) you can touch wires to a car battery and then directly to the motor leads. If the motor on the window doesn't work, the motor is probably bad. You can order a new one online (usually around 60-70 bucks)

If you still need the window to go up (and the motor is bad) you might want to disconnect that motor and manually feed the line back that holds the window up. That should hold it up. Or just wedge something in there to hold it.

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Q: Your drivers side window will not go up it is power windows you have taken interoior part off how do you manually get it up?
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Many vehicles with power windows have a switch on the drivers side window control panel that can lock out control from all other switches, check to be sure that switch isn't on.

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yes as long as the doors are the same there is no difference between glass in electric and manuel windows

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One circuit breaker protects all the power windows. If only one window doesn't work it's not the circuit breaker/fuse. It could be the switch in the drivers door or the power window motor has failed.

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