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Your driving lights on your 2000 Gold Wing stopped working all of a sudden What could be wrong The fuses are fine?

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βˆ™ 2007-06-20 00:36:18

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Check wiring harnesses - prone to corrosion

2007-06-20 00:36:18
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Q: Your driving lights on your 2000 Gold Wing stopped working all of a sudden What could be wrong The fuses are fine?
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Why should a car just all of a sudden stop working when you are driving?

had that problem with my 96 and turned out to be the fuel pump

All of a sudden the power windows in your 2005 Chevy Impala stopped working everything else in the car is working fine except for that what is the problem?

Fuses or the power window relays.

What could be the problem if all of a sudden the dashboard-illumination and taillights don't light anymore and lamp on warning chime is not functioning but all fuses are OK?

I have some extra information about the above question. It's about a 1997 Ford Explorer Sport (V6 4L SOHC). All of a sudden all the lights of the dash stopped working (also the illumination of AC/radio controls), also the warning chime for lights on is not working and the tail-lights are not working. All dome-lights work. I checked all fuses visually; they seem to be all right. The alternator and battery are brand new. Does anybody else know what else could be the cause of the problems, and does anybody know which fuse actually controls these functions?

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depending on the year it could be the coil pack is bad. mine was cracked really bad and occasionally would miss and all the sudden while driving down the road one day it just stopped working and i had to ''milk'' it home because it had NO power. i replaced that and was driving with no more miss to the engine

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I assume you mean "heater". And a sudden failure is probably just the motor going bad.

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Most common problem -turn signal flasher

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Maybe a bad catalytic converter

Why does your Hyundai Excel 2000 indicator light and brake light stop working all the sudden?

The 2000 Hyundai Excel indicator light and brake light might stop working all of a sudden because of a burned out bulb. Check all bulbs on the brake lights and turn signals. This problem could also be caused by a blown fuse or a blown flasher fuse.

Your 2000 Hyundai elantra acts like you popped the clutch while driving and a few seconds later all the dash lights comes on and it dies an hour later it will restart problem is?

I was driving and all of the sudden I had to push the clutch to the floor with no resisitance and it was difficult to engage the gears. What happened?

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most likely the switch or a wire, the motor would probably show signs that it's getting weak or about to quit completely.

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my Memorex Karaoke machine works but it starts to spin the cds then it stops spining

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It works now!! I plugged it in and it works all of a sudden! Even though about an hour after it stopped working i plugged it in and that didn't work, it worked this time, like a day later.

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I have a 1999 300M, and funny to say, the same thing happened. two weeks ago my A/C stopped working, and now the radiator fans are messing up. I checked the fuse box and both hi and low radiator fanfuses were burned. I am going to take the car to be checked this week. I'll ket you know how it goes.

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All of a sudden all the lights on the insrument panel of a 1997 dodge grand caravan quit working what could be wrong?

the problem could be your battery, you should talk to a mechanic or the car dealer you got your car from. good luck:)