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Your ex wife wants part of settlement you have been divorced for six years Does she have right to money?


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Only if you owe arrears on child or spousal support. see link

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No because you are divorced right. Basically whatever is in his will is going to be the person who gets the money. Find his will and it will say everything he wants like where the money will go if he wants to be in a graveyard, all that stuff.Give that to the people that are taking care of his death and everyone will get what he wanted.

because he is a total dork and wants to get divorced

he wants to right books for the joy of others and he also does it as a hobby, not just money.

Yes, once the wife is legally divorced she can date or live with whomever she wants and still collect alimony if that was the agreement in the divorce settlement.

because she thinks that she is being more mature and she is making all the money she wants right now.

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Because he is very stubborn and he is afraid that he might do what his father did to his mother(divorced her and married another woman just for the sake of money). He neither wants to say it to his mother.

It means the creditor wants its money and will pursue you in order that you pay that loan.It means the creditor wants its money and will pursue you in order that you pay that loan.It means the creditor wants its money and will pursue you in order that you pay that loan.It means the creditor wants its money and will pursue you in order that you pay that loan.

For the USA No, you do not have to get divorced. Instead, you can apply for your spouse's green card. The United States supports family values and wants you to be with the person you love!

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Lose him. If he only wants her money that means that he only wants something else from you. Think about what it may be.

The truth is that a child has no legal right to choose which parent he or she wants to live with. They are legally minors dependent upon their parents. The truth is it will vary from case to case.

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Yes, you can, but if one person wants a divorce, it can be made to happen. The refusal of one person to be divorced will not stop the process, as the other party and the court will proceed and the divorce will be granted.

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as much money as he wants because he is a pimp.

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she loves you...i think...or wants ur money lol

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