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I don't think that it's legal. You can all ways ask you neighbor to move his camera, or at least direct it in a different direction.

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Q: Your friends neighbor installed security cameras purposely intruding into your friends property one of then is lookind directly to his family rooms window which he now has to keep closed is this legal?
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Can you let trees from your lot grow over to other peoples lots?

You can if your neighbor is okay with it, if not, you're technically intruding on his property. I'm not positive but fairly certain that that would hold up in court.

What is Virginia's northern neighbor?

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Can you use the fence if your neighbor installed it on the property line?

No. It's the neighbor's fence. Most likely, local code required the "good side" to face your property, so you already may have gotten the benefit of the bargain.

How do you remove fumes from an illegal drug lab neighbor?

Do not address this matter directly with the neighbor. It could be dangerous. Simply call local law enforcement and report it. Let the LEO's deal with it.

Your friends neighbor installed security cameras directly watching your friends property they have a dispute is this legal?

Probably not. If the camera is watching an area that is open to public view then there is no expectation of privacy, anyone can watch what you do on the front lawn. If the camera is installed so that it specifically looks in to an area that is not in public view, or in to a window, etc., without a specific lawful purpose, it may be something that is against the law.

What can a homeowner do when their neighbor parks their car directly opposite your driveway making it difficult for them entering or backing out of their driveway?


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What can you do if your neighbor refuses to move his fence off your property?

If you can't work this matter out directly with the neighbor, you will need to see a real estate attorney in your area. The neighbor is likely claiming adverse possession, which means that the neighbor owns the property inside his fence because the fence has existed for a long time. You can follow the below link for a brief description of adverse possession.

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