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I don't think that it's legal. You can all ways ask you neighbor to move his camera, or at least direct it in a different direction.

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What is Virginia's northern neighbor?

The states that are directly north of Virginia (USA) are Maryland and West Virginia.

Your friends neighbor installed security cameras directly watching your friends property they have a dispute is this legal?

Probably not. If the camera is watching an area that is open to public view then there is no expectation of privacy, anyone can watch what you do on the front lawn. If the camera is installed so that it specifically looks in to an area that is not in public view, or in to a window, etc., without a specific lawful purpose, it may be something that is against the law.

How do you remove fumes from an illegal drug lab neighbor?

Do not address this matter directly with the neighbor. It could be dangerous. Simply call local law enforcement and report it. Let the LEO's deal with it.

Why must i pay my neighbor for a water well that is located on the property i purchased?

Possibly the neighbor payed for some of the well on your property, and you must pay him back the money you owe him for the well. Also, he may have installed the well, and made and paid for it and made a deal with the last owner of the house for the owner to pay it all back to the neighbor. If there isn't anything owed to the neighbor, then you don't have to pay your neighbor for a water well that is on your property that you legally purchased.

What can a homeowner do when their neighbor parks their car directly opposite your driveway making it difficult for them entering or backing out of their driveway?


What can you do if your neighbor refuses to move his fence off your property?

If you can't work this matter out directly with the neighbor, you will need to see a real estate attorney in your area. The neighbor is likely claiming adverse possession, which means that the neighbor owns the property inside his fence because the fence has existed for a long time. You can follow the below link for a brief description of adverse possession.

Who is new zealand's neighbor to the east?

Chile is the nearest country directly east of New Zealand. They are 9300km (5780 miles) distant.

What is the verb for neighbor?

There is no verb for neighbor. Neighbor is a noun.

What do you call a person that is your neighbors neighbor?

They are still your neighbor, as anyone within the neighborhood is your neighbor, neighbor...

My neighbor told his friend to tell me that he likes me so does my neighbor really like me?

Chances are if he had a message given to you then he is interested - try talking with him and getting to know him better, waiting around and playing games won't help you find out you have to talk to him directly.

Canda is a part of what continent?

Canada is actually part of North America. It sits directly north of the United States Of America, Making them our neighbor.

What is an antonym for neighbor?


What actors and actresses appeared in Broken Path - 2008?

The cast of Broken Path - 2008 includes: Panuvat Anthony Nanakornpanom as Haru Diana Crusenberry as Neighbor Jim Crusenberry as Neighbor Avavit Csabi as Neighbor Carmina Fajardo as Neighbor Teresa Garrett as Ellie Tyler Josmary Gomez as Neighbor Gabriella Handal as Neighbor Leslie Kilgore as Neighbor Jacob Kush as Neighbor Gene Kush as Neighbor Mila Kush as Neighbor Rommel Manlo as Kidnappers Ed Mannering as Neighbor Lana McLaughlin as Neighbor Motoko Nagino as Sakura Tadahiro Nakamura as Yukio Greg Palmacci as Neighbor Baby Sakamoto as Young Hiroki Zoe Seabaugh as Neighbor Sherry Seabaugh as Neighbor Dana Shidlofsky as Neighbor Samantha Shidlofsky as Neighbor Layne Shidlofsky as Neighbor Judith Silberlicht as Neighbor Sonny Sison as Jiro Dan Southworth as Yoshi Lanie Taylor as Maddy Ellis Winnie Wackwitz as Neighbor Dena Wackwitz as Neighbor Pamela Walworth as Lisa Ellis

What part of speech is neighbor?

Neighbor is usually a noun.

What is the correct spelling for neighbor?


What is 'neighbor' when translated from English to Italian?

"Neighbor" in English is prossimo in Italian.

Which is an antonym for neighbor?

There are no antonyms for the word 'neighbor'.

What is the Hebrew word for neighbor?

A female neighbor - "Shchena" (שכנה). A male neighbor - "Shachen" (שכן). Neighbors - "Shchenim" (שכנים).

Where can I find an estimate for a privacy fence?

I just had an underground swimming pool installed. I need to have a privacy fence put up because my neighbor is a peeping tom. How much does a privacy fence cost?

How do you remove a negibor in FarmVille?

To remove a neighbor, just click on your neighbor that you want to delete on the neighbor list below your screen and then there's an option there to remove as neighbor.

Is 'neighbor' a noun?

Yes. A noun is a person, place, or thing. A neighbor is usually a person.

Is neighbor an adjective?

Neighbor can act as a noun and as an adjective. Example (adjective): The neighbor units are labeled with "adjacent".

What is Chile northen neighbor?

Peru is its northern neighbor.

Who is caen's neighbor?

Caen's neighbor is Saint Lo

Is neighbor a compound word?

Neighbor is not a compound word.