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if you are still here in the states on an expired card you might have to return to your country and talk with the embassy over there to renew goodluck this information is completely wrong, if your permanent resident card AKA green card has expired you will just have problems finding a job. what you can do is renew your card using the I-90 form.

2008-09-08 20:22:15
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Immigrants from which place could not even apply for citizenship?

Immigrants from Spain could not even apply for citizenship.

From where could Immigrants not apply for citizenship in the 1700?

they could not apply at the cemetary

How could one apply for an Australian citizenship?

It is possible to apply for an Australian citizenship by going online to the official Australian Government website and apply for citizenship through the website.

Immigrants from which place could not apply for citizenship?


Immigrations from which place could not even apply for citizenship?


Which country's immigrants could not even apply for citizenship?


Does refugee status expire?

yes, most of them do, you could ask for extension though. or even apply for new status.

Green card can you apply for us citizenship if you have a felony conviction?

You can file the application, and it may or may not be granted based on the circumstances. BUT, be truthful - because if citizenship were to be granted and the felony conviction was found later, your US citizenship could be revoked.

Does an illegal alien need to return to their home country before they can apply for citizenship?

Illegal immigrants are not eligible to obtain citizenship. They have to meet certain requirements (including legal residency requirements in most countries) before they could even be considered. -- Help me in the battle to conquer cancer. Please support my fundraising efforts at What steps does an illegal alien over 21 years old need to take to be eligable to apply for citizenship; do they need to return to their homeland to start process?

What violations affect US citizenship application?

Attaching false support documents could be a reason for application rejection. One of the main eligibility criteria to apply for US citizenship is 'good moral character'. Hiding wrong doings or not telling truth about past events could also result in rejection of application. Not paying the correct filing fee also could be a reason for your application to be rejected when you apply for US citizenship.

Do prepaid phone cards expire?

Prepaid minutes could expire yes. It varies from carrier to carrier. I would suggest extreme research before making your choice.

How long can you keep box brown sugar before it expire I could not find it on the box?

2000 years

Can you get a Polish passport if your father was Polish?

Only if you are a citizen of Poland. If you were born in Poland, you are automatically a Polish citizen. If you were born outside Poland your Polish parent(s) could apply for Polish citizenship on your behalf. Otherwise, a substancial residency in Poland is reqiuired to apply for Polish citizenship.

Where would someone new to the USA have to go to register to become an American citizen?

Someone new to the USA would first have to have held a green card for at least 5 years before they could apply to become a US citizen. One must apply at the US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

What is citizenship and distinguished it from nationality?

Nationality - is the country where you were born. Citizenship - is 'adopted' nationality. For example, I am British by birthright - I was born in England (as were many generations of my family). If I were to emigrate to Australia, I could apply for citizenship - however - my nationality on any legal documents would still say British.

How to get US citizenship for your husband if he is here illegally?

You will have to consult an immigration attorney. In most cases, he will have to leave the country and apply for a visa. This could take several years!

Ancient peoples had to prove mathematical concepts before they could apply them?


What is proof of US citizenship?

If you are a US citizen by birth right you would get the citizenship certificate as proof for citizenship. In case you naturalized you would be given the naturalization certificate as proof for US citizenship.Using the USCIS Form N-600 you could apply for a certificate or Form N-565 to replace a lost or stolen one.

Who could be a citizen in Greece and why did they limit citizenship?

Would-be citizens had to appear before their tribal assembly and prove their descent in that tribe.

How do you use redeem in a sentence?

Redeem means to buy back or to reclaim. For example, you could say: You had better redeem your coupons before they expire.

Is the child of a British citizen mother automatically a British citizen?

No, not unless they are born in the United Kingdom. However, someone born after 1961 to a British mother, and who is a citizen of a Commonwealth country, can apply for citizenship, with a few exceptions. There are restrictions based on criminal record, etc, but in most cases, citizenship can be obtained. This is due to a change made in 2006. Prior to 2006, only children born after 1983 could apply for citizenship through their mothers.

If someone came to the US using someone else's identity years ago as a child can they still apply for citizenship and is it illegal to cross as someone else?

AnswerI doubt they can apply .. that is fraud and could be punishable by not only deportation, but possibly prison time.

Did Romans extend citizenship to conqueror people?

Yes, many times they did extend citizenship to conquered peoples. This could have been either of several classes of citizenship, not necessarily full citizenship.

If someone is in the United States on a student visa how can he become a legal resident?

Having a student visa means that you are legally in the U.S. They could change their student visa to a working visa (H1. After that they can apply for a green card and later apply for citizenship. Getting a green card can take years. Only after getting a green card they will be able to apply for citizenship. The process can become much easier if that person gets married with an American citizen. Then, it will be a question of months.

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