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You can also try taking it back where you bought it.

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Want to talk to someone about the bag I bought $99.00 +tax $7.00 had the bag for 3 months used it maybe 20 days and it broke. I want my money back.

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Who are Relic handbags made by?

Relic handbags are made by Fossil, Inc. You can find their products at You will see they also make many other top quality products. Don't buy this piece of junk. I had a handbag for less than 4 months and the strap broke. They warranty it, but only if you keep the original receipt. Other than that, they offered if I sent them the purse and the credit card statement, they would give me $20 towards another Relic handbag. But, I would have to pay to ship it to them. It hardly seems worth it to get another handbag that will most likely break again.

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It means that the connection by radio was broken; they could not communicate by radio to the people on the shore.

What happened if your xbox broke where do you go?

You can take it to the place where you purchased the console (if the item is under warranty) or contact Microsoft.

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Sexual contact is the main way you catch HIV, yes.

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Insert small bar having enough length in contact with bolt and then do stud arc-welding between bar & bolt.Then turn it as per thread direction.Thus we can remove broke bolt.

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belt buckle broke need another belt for my london fog coat who my i contact

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