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Possible engine replacement needed by try BAR'S LEAKS HEAD GASKET REPAIR or BLUE STEEL first. Bar's is usually less than $15 and Blue Steel runs from around $40 for 4cyl. to around $60 for 8 cyl. This sure beats the cost of engine repair or replacement.

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โˆ™ 2008-12-23 15:39:58
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Q: Your head gasket has blown and there was rattling and smoke coming from the front drivers side do you need a new engine?
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What causes the whistling noise coming from the engine for an 01 galant?

whistling noise from engine will be caused by a leaky gasket,sucking air. this is usually the intake manifold gasket

How do you change the drivers side valve cover gasket on a 1994 Toyota 4 runner v6?

how do yo change the drivers side valve cover gasket on a 1994 toytoa 4runner with a v-6 engine

Just had a gasket replaced in my engine and all of a sudden white smoke is coming from my engine and I am loosing engine coolant no burning smell though what could it be?

Sounds like head gasket is leaking allowing coolant into combustion chamber

What are the symptom of a blown head gasket for a Camry Toyota?

One of the symptoms of a blown head gasket for a Toyota Camry is excessive steam or coolant coming from the tailpipe. Engine oil mixing with the coolant and a miss in the engine are also symptoms of a blown head gasket.

Why the suddenly black smoke coming from the exhaust system in desiel engine?

Due head gasket worn out

Can steam coming from your car engine mean you are low on oil?

if it's coming from the tail pipe or an exhaust leak, it means you have a blown head gasket!

How do you know if you have a blown head gasket?

Usually when a head gasket blows, there will be a lot of steam coming from the engine. you may also see blueish smoke or cloudy looking oil.

What is head gasket in engine?

Gasket between engine block and cylinder head

Does a blown head gasket ruin an engine?

If the engine is run while the gasket is blown, the engine will overheat and eventually blow or seize up. If the gasket blew and engine was soon after turned off, there may be no further damage to the engine. Replacement of the gasket can get this engine in working condition.

What may be the problem is antifreeze is leaking in the engine compartment up by the fire wall in the middle of the motor but not in the vehicle and it is not coming from heater hoses?

if it appears to be coming from where the cylinder head meets the engine block, it is the head gasket. if it appears near the intake manifold and head, it is the intake gasket (or intake AND exhaust gasket on a straight six or Chrysler slant six). if it is coming from the engine block it is a freeze plug. some v-6 and v-8 engines are common for springing coolant leaks at the intake gaskets.

Is loud knocking coming from top of engine a lifter problem or head gasket problem?

If its a legitimate knocking then you would want to go with head gasket if its a tapping you would be looking at a valve

Why is Water disappearing and coming out of exhaust?

You need a head or intake gasket. Coolant is getting into engine. Head more likely.

Is engine replacement includes head gasket?

If you get a new engine it will have a new head gasket

Can you drive a car with a damaged head gasket?

Sure you CAN, but if you do continue to run an engine with a blown head gasket you will destroy the engine. Do not run any engine with a blown head gasket or you will be buying a new engine.

Small antifreeze leak behind the right side exhaust manifold and can not see where it could be coming from Any Ideas?

its coming fron the engine Had the same issue and while yes it is from the engine not sure if there is anitifreeze anywhere else :) The source was the lower intake manifold gasket was leaking, common on this engine... I was lucky and it did not leak into the oil. The gasket does not cover the front and rear of the block, that is where the bead of gasket sealer runs up the angle to the gasket. Where the manifold meets the block at the angle is prone to leak. Took me a day to do but I was in no hurry. Hope that helps

Why would white smoke come from the engine?

White smoke coming from the engine can mean many different things. One such thing is that your car may have a blown head gasket or that oil is burning in the engine.

Why has radiator started pissing out steam when it was idling on a cold morning?

thermostat stuck in the closed position, or blown head gasket, to check remove the raditor cap when the engine is cold and then start the engine if you see large bubbles coming out of the raditor the head gasket is bad

What does this mean when white smoke is coming out of a 1994 850 turbo Volvo coming out of the muffler?

Most likely you are burning antifreeze. This could be cause by a leaking head gasket or an intake manifold gasket. This condition needs to be corrected quickly, as it could lead to catastrophic engine failure.

Head gasket cracked my 86 Pontiac Sunbird convertible started spewing white smoke after I put oil in . mechanic says head gasket cracked and water coming out of tailpipe. will new engine solve this?

Why change the engine ? A head gasket replacement with a head skim should cure this problem & would be a lot cheaper than a engine change best wishes

Manifold gasket same as plenum gasket?

The manifold gasket is the same as the plenum gasket. The manifold gasket is a barrier between the manifold and the engine block.

Do you have to replace the whole engine if the head gasket is blown?

No. You can have the head gasket replaced. This is unless you kept driving the car with a blown head gasket and have totally destroyed the engine.

What does it mean when your engine sputters and you have white smoke coming from you tail pipes?

White smoke coming from your tail pipe often indicates an issue with your coolant. The smoke comes from burning coolant. The engine sputters and white smoke is likely an issue with the head gasket.

Why is oil coming from the filler cap when engine is running?

Excessive blow-by (a tired engine) and/or the PCV system is not functioning correctly. Also, check the condition of the gasket under the oil fill cap.

Why does service engine light keep coming on after replacement of head gasket radiator and tune up in a 98 silhoutte?

Have you checked for codes? Have you reset the codes?

Your Chevy 5.7 vortec 1997 is leaking coolantat the rear of the engine where is that coming from?

Heater return pipe or hose, leaking intake manafold gasket.