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no that dose not mean he is cheating maybe he wants to try new things.

for instance there are hundred ways to make out. just as there are hundred ways to have sex.. he isn't cheating hes just experimenting.


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It depend to how long and how it started, but yes she needs to confess to this woman. Especially if this woman doesn't know what's going on. And what about the cheating wife's husband, what did he do to be betrayed by her. If the cheating wife and the cheating husband are having a wonderful time hiding their affair, do remember what goes around comes around.

YES ANSWER: Does your husband knows that you knew what's going on with him. Cheating, there's a few meaning when we use the words "cheating" Cheating in the heart is the worst one, sex, lying. Any how if your husband ask you to join him because he will be having dinners with friends, it can't be cheating. But if he meet her just the two of them, its already called cheating because he never told you what he will be doing. If I were you I will talk to your husband and ask him what he is doing meeting this woman that he gave his pictures to. If you don't, your husband will keep doing what he started doing and your life will become messy.

It depends, if the relationship has just started, then hug him while kissing him.

I don't know if he's cheating on the marriage in the traditional sense, but he's apparently cheating on the agreement you both made. And he's hiding it, which means he's being dishonest.

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tails started kissing amy then they started to have sex then sonic walked in then he said can I join

Of course i does! Hes having an affair before filing for divorce, meaning hes still with you! ( unless of course you kicked him out of the house... but if hes sleeping on the couch it does not...)

there are major problems in that marriage B: A couple don't need to have a problem with their marriage for a husband to have an affair. A Happy and perfect marriage also hit by a husband ending up with affair. All we need to know is why we do it and never cared about consequences. If we all search we all going to find that there's a lot of couples with or without problem ending up cheating. There are some not most, couples marriage will have a problem small or huge because the husband or wife started cheating. In the survey you will find out that affair, cheating, emotional or even infidelity is the main cost of couples problem.

He stole Spencer's motorcycle and started kissing Carly.

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It means that your husband has not gotten over his ex wife yet and he probably started seeing you on the rebound when he first met and married you. You should be strong and confront him about his actions and let him know you will not put up with him having an affair with his ex wife and if he persists you will file for divorce.ANSWER;It means your husband hasn't get over his ex wife, and this is bad especially to your relationship with him. It's time for you to talk to your husband and ask him why. If you don't it will be you that will get hurt not them...........

nobody knows for sure but we think it was Cork Ireland

AnswerMy first question is, why is he sleeping on the couch? If he works hard and gets calls during the night perhaps he's thinking of you and doesn't want to disturb you or he's cheating.If your husband does work for a company where phone calls can come in during the night or very early in the morning then I wouldn't jump to conclusions re cheating.Don't you think it's time you both started to communicate?i don't know why your asking this question he's cheating no dur!i hope i thoght you a easything. if you didn't know that before

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You started to communicate and then you blew it! When he said, 'Do you want there to be another woman' is letting him off the hook. You should never accuse someone of cheating unless you know for a fact they are. Perhaps you are the jealous type or there are other problems in your marriage which has left you with low self esteem. Many women worry about their husbands cheating, but most get on with life. One can't stop a husband (or wife) from cheating, but, you can communicate on a mature level and sit down with your husband and discuss if he is unhappy in your marriage and then figure out how both of you can improve upon that marriage. No marriage is a bed of roses and every so often one of those thorns sticks ya!

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