Your husband takes the enjoyment out of your life?

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tell him the problem, if he doesn not stop then leave
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In the state of New Jersey can a husband take his wife off of his life insurance policy as beneficiary without her knowledge or signature?

Generally no. The insured must generally sign the application and take a physical. There are a FEW speciality policies that might do this. Here's ONE. It won't do spouses though. For more info see Of course he can take ( Full Answer )

How do you get on with your life after your husband leaves?


Can you take out a life insurance policy on an ex-husband?

Only if he is agreeable to allowing you to purchase the policy. He would be required to sign the application as the proposed insured and you would sign as the owner if you plan to keep the policy yourself. You cannot take out an insurance policy on someone without their knowledge and there must be a ( Full Answer )

Was life enjoyable under nazi rule?

Answer 1 No it was not. Even though Hitler managed to improve the economyand bring order to Germany, many of innocent lives were taken andmany peoples were being tortured. Hitler does not have the right totake away lives and cause pain towards the nation of Germany. Answer 2 Itdepends. Forpe ( Full Answer )

Why does your husband take out his anger on you?

Answer . Because you are there and you're allow it! When we are out in society and working and doing business out there we have to take a lot of pressure and if we don't like what some people say to us we have to bite our tongue. Where else can you simply be yourself .... home! However, you are n ( Full Answer )

How do you take your husbands last name?

You go down to Social security with your card and marriage license and they will change your name to your married name. Next step is the driver license. Go to the DMV and change it. Next to the bank and other places where you need to change your name. This will take you a few days before you have go ( Full Answer )

How do you get a sociopathic ex-husband out of your life?

7/25/2008 Current victim/survivor: I can't agree enough with the author below. My former spouse was so sweet and kind and loving to me the first year or so...then all changed, he controlled every aspect, shut me out of his work life, spoke his own language, told me what where when to do things...W ( Full Answer )

How do you find out if your husband had life insurance?

Try the below ideas. Good Luck. 1. If you have access to their personal records, go through old bank statements or canceled checks to see if they paid any insurance companies.. 2. Did they have a personal lawyer or accountant who may have known about any old policies?. 3. Talk with a past employe ( Full Answer )

Can my husband take our kids if we are not separated?

Every state is different when it comes to these situations.However, before worrying about the hassle of the court and childcustody, try making an arranged plan of who gets the children andwhen.

Can your husband take your kids?

If two people are married and have children, one parent can take the children only if he was awarded custody by a court. If not, the wife could take legal action. If your husband did this, contact a lawyer.

Gay husbands sexual life?

It would presumably be similar to that of a heterosexual married couple, though I have read some studies that say married gay men have more sex with their husbands because men have a naturally higher sex drive.

If you separate from your husband can you take the children with you?

If you are the mother you should be able to leave with the children. Depending on your state who ever has the children in their custody more likely gets the children if in a stable environment. Another Perspective Until there has been a custody order issued by the court both parents have the ( Full Answer )

Who is Vicky Guerrero's real-life husband?

Vickie was married to Eddie Guerrero on April 24, 1990 until his death on November 13, 2005. Together they had two daughters, Shaul Marie (born October 14, 1990) and Sherilyn Amber (born July 8, 1995). She is also a stepmother to Eddie's youngest daughter Kaylie Marie (born 2002).

Can you get life insurance on an ex husband?

You have to have an "insurable interest" to be eligible to take out life insurance on someone. If your ex's death will harm you money-wise (cause economic harm), you might be able to insure him/her: for example, if s/he is paying the mortgage. What does your divorce decree say? In any event, make su ( Full Answer )

You are 60 years old and have no life insurance Should your husband cash in a 10000 policy he has or should you take out life insurance or should you save money for your burial?

Hi, Whilst age is certainly a factor when you are considering getting some life insurance, it shouldn't be something that puts you off it. If you are looking for the cover to ensure that your family can pay for your burial, then life insurance is a good choice and I certainly would not recomme ( Full Answer )

Why would my husband take ecstasy?

Many people take ecstacy for many reasons. You should read about ecstacy, starting with the wikipedia entry on ecstacy. Please don't just read government/anti-ecstacy websites. After you've learned about ecstacy (MDMA), you should take to your husband about why he took / takes ecstacy, and try ( Full Answer )

How do you get your husband to take your feelings seriously?

I've found that many men, and women too, are more open to ideas if they come up with it themselves. It helps to find a parallel, something that he can relate to and then present it in a non thretining way (not in the heat of the moment). Ultimately I've found that if I want to be taken seriously I h ( Full Answer )

How did Hera take her husbands flurting?

She was a very jealous and vengeful goddess so she didn't take it very well. She often tried to prevent the births of Zeus's lovers' children or, if this failed, she would put obstacles in their paths.

What do you do if the only enjoyable thing about life is school because the girl you like is there how do I make my life more interesting?

First, to be consumed by love is both torturous and euphoric, a statement only absurd and contradictory to those not enmeshed in its grip. Still, to be so fully absorbed in unrequited love can have disastrous effects on the everyday functioning of life. Therefore, there comes a time when all fear of ( Full Answer )

How do you take revenge on a cheating husband?

Not nasty revenge but try this.. If you have old clothes of his and it's in YOUR house,get it cut it up and and chuck it all over his (other ladys) lawn.. If you know the women he is cheating,tell her that your 'hubby' doesen't give good sex and he never uses condoms.. I would give more but I may ( Full Answer )

Can an ex-husband take out a life insurance policy on ex-wife?

If she is agreeable to it. The insured typically has to sign the application and undergo a physical, it isn't something that can be done in secret. And if there are children involved there is certainly a reason to do so.

How do you get life insurance for your husband who has skin cancer?

I am sure most insurance companies have something for your husband. They will only limit their possible payout or even deny it all together if eventual future death is concidered to be related to or caused by cancer in any way. Make sure you read the fine print with magnifiers. Regards.

How did Amelia Earhart's husband influence her life?

Look at the movie- substitute Phil Spector for George Palmer Putnam and Veronica Bennett for Amelia Earhart and you will get the drift! he tended to micro-manage much of her flights and exhibitions and ran the thing for a profit- no Wall of Sound- but one gets the idea of an abusive ( Big Brother Hu ( Full Answer )

Is there life after your husband leaves you?

I think we can go on. I think we should go on. the only thing I don't like is when I hear women my age going out with many men and having lots of sex with differ ant partners. I can't not do that I don't want to .I respect myself and my potential partner. I love sex maybe to much but, I am very shy ( Full Answer )

What kind of life insurance should your husband get?

This is a very broad question, the answer to which depends upon many factors. 1. His age and health will determine, in part, the type(s) and amounts of life insurance for which he can qualify. 2. If you and he are raising a family and are primarily concerned with protection during the child-ex ( Full Answer )

How can you find a right husband for your life?

to find the right husband simply means to find the right guy and is actually much easier. the first step is dont try too much. let it flow. a guy would only be perfect for you is when you dont try hard enough to impress someone. if you put so much effort in just impressing, imagine what will you do ( Full Answer )

Do you have to take your husbands name when you marry?

You don't HAVE to, it's just the tradition and the typical choice of newlyweds. Some people use both their last names, hyphenated. All of it is legal if performed and sanctioned by a judge.

Why some women falsely accuse their in-laws for interfering in her life and even take their genuine concern as interference and want husbands all to herself?

when women get married, they envision a new life all of their own. Which usually doesn't include their husband's parents (ahem mothers in particular) giving their two cents on every issue in their lives. of course they want their husbands to themselves:thats why they married them. some mothers don't ( Full Answer )

What Should you Do with your husbands life insurance money?

If you do not need the money to live on immediately, invest for yourself and off-springs retirement. If immediate use, payoff as many bills as possible, ex home note, cars, credit cards, medical bills. That way you have a homestead to leave children and least bills to deal with as you get older.

How can you leave your husband and take your kids?

Your question, while simple on the surface, is complicated. Do you have a place to go and a source of income when you get there? Are you in an abusive relationship or are things just not working out? You can't just take your children away, never allowing your husband to see them again...not without ( Full Answer )

Can you have your husband arrested for taking your car?

Yes, provided you are the legitimate owner of the vehicle and the husband has no claim of ownership. If the husband is the registered owner, however, then he has claim of ownership, and can't steal something which belongs to him.

Can you keep life insurance on your ex husband?

You cannot. In case of any claim after your divorce and the policy bond is in your possession, the claim will be summarily rejected by the insurance company. It's advisable to surrender the policy on your ex husband to the insurance company against official receipt.

How do you take your jamacian husband to Canada?

If you want to take your Jamaican husband to Canada, he will first need a passport. You can usually get these at a post office, but check your local listings to make sure. After he has a passport, book a flight to Canada for him and yourself.

Invention that made your life enjoyable why?

Technology has been stepping in a new way day by day. which make usvery easier and faster. I can give an example of vocca adapter.Vocca adapter is a voice activated adapter where you need to inserta bulb in it. Hence you can operate any bulb with your voice byplacing the bulb in the adapter. Now you ( Full Answer )