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There are many possibilities. Most likely it is something very benign, such as an inflammed nerve, or some other inflammed area (such as a tendon) putting pressure onto the nerve. You could have a disc problem in your spine. You could have a neuropathy caused by, say, Diabetes. It could be MS. To get a definite diagnosis, you'd have to get some tests done to rule out the more serious causes. Many times parasthesias (the medical term for numbness or tingling) have no identifiable cause. So in all probability, it's nothing serious.

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There is a number of possible reasons for this. A pinched nerve in the neck, a pinched nerve or blood vessel in the brachial plexus, located from the side of the neck through the arm pit. The only way to find out for sure is to see your doctor.

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its called a heart attack....ENJOY!

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Q: Your left hand feels numb like its sleeping all the time what would cause this?
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