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No, that is spot on. Your gestational sac is 2 weeks behind your LMP. as it should be.

No that is completely normal... some ultrasound machilnes measure differently... as long as ur LMP it two (2) week plus or minus what is measured , your baby is growing as planned.

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Im 32 weeks pregnant and measuring 34 what does this mean?

Your uterus is measuring 34 weeks. My daughter is 39 weeks but measuring 40 weeks by her uterus. When he measures your stomach he is measuring your uterus. does this mean I should be worried? Or that I will have a big baby or deliver early?

Did you have a miscarriage if you are 9 weeks pregnant but there is no heartbeat?

It depends on the type of machine used to hear the heartbeat. My OB's machine couldn't hear one, but the Dopplar machine at the imaging place could. If you are worried, ask your doctor to do a transvaginal ultrasound. They usually provide more information early in pregnancy.

Should i be worried that I'm 6 weeks pregnant but scan says 4 weeks pregnant with gestational sac and no yolk sac and fetal pole yet?

There is the possibility that you ovulated late, which would make you appear to be behind where you should be for dates.

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You had a scan with empty sac measuring 4mm week later sac grown to 9mm still empty sack what does this mean?

I had a scan monday thinking I was 6wks pregnant but when I had it they found a sac measuring 9mm the docter said its early and bring me back in to weeks have I lost my baby or is docter right its to early I just think he trying to make me think possitave :( am so unhappy just want to no if am going to misscarriage or there could be hope please help A 9mm gestational sac should correlate to between 5 or 6 weeks gestational age, by which time one should be able to see a yolk sac developing, although maybe not a fetal pole. It is true, that a small gestational sac may indicate very early pregnancy, and a repeat ultrasound and Beta-HCG level should be done. 2 weeks is probably a bit long to wait, however. I would repeat the HCG in 3 days, and another ultrasound in 1 week at the most. While it is possible this is a miscarriage, you should wait for the repeat testing to be sure before you really get worried. Otherwise, you have spent this time worrying for nothing.

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