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If in California your neighbor is responsible for any damage that his tree has done to your property.

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Q: Your neighbors tree roots have grown under your garage causing damage to your garage floor is he liable for your damages Florida?
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If your neighbor's pool water is flooding your yard and causing damage you can bring a lawsuit for damages. Your case would fall under the category of tort law.

Does a neighbors insurance have to pay you for fire damage to your property caused by your neighbor?

If your neighbor is liable through negligence for causing fire damage to your property you could file a claim on the liability portion of your neighbors insurance policy. If he caused the fire intentionally then his insurance company would not pay for damages as criminal acts are not covered.

Does your home owners insurance cover damage to neighbors car due to high wind?

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absolutly, and he can take everything you have if you don't have enough to pay his damages!

Is my Neighbor liable for damage to my property caused by his property?

Your neighbor is liable for the damage made to your property. It also depends on the kind of damage made to your property. First you should evaluate your case and in that case your neighbor must pay for all the damages which that person is liable.

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If your husband was cutting down or trimming a tree and the result was damage to your neighbors property, that would indicate direct liability. You and your husband are liable for the cost of damages he caused.

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