Your period stopped after you made love why?


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Maybe you're pregnant!


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You know when your period stopped because you are no longer bleeding - no blood, brown discharge, or pink discharge leaving your vagina.

Not necessarily, I was on depot and my period stopped immediately, but after a week or so it started up and I had my period everyother week.

Because it is to powerful to be completely stopped but it can be controlled for a small period of time.

This sometimes happens. It is nothing to worry about and is perfectly normal. It is probably just that your period hadn't completely stopped

Yes, It is best to know why the menstural cycle has stopped. The test is very accurate

if your a teenager then its normal but otherwise i have not idea

I stopped taking my birth control in December and in January I came on my period but in february I didnt come is this normal

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How do you know if your pregrant if your period came on???

No, I do not believe that there is a certain period of time to fall in love.

No, but when your period has stopped yes you are more likely to get pregnent if you dont use protection

When you are in menopause, your period has stopped for at least 12 months.

It is normal to have light periods or no period at all while birth control.

Well, I am a swimmer of a team and all I know is, that when you get into the water, your period stops. I was on my period once, and when I got into the water it stopped. Hope that helped!

sorry there is no way to stop your period .Your period is for you blood to come out so you need that blood to come out if you stopped your period that would be very unhealthy.

you stopped taking your birth control pills

Sounds like your hormones are running amok. You have to see a doctor.

nikka who caress? I Love You And Im On My Period Peace Love Sex And Drugs =) nikka who caress? I Love You And Im On My Period Peace Love Sex And Drugs =)

if i was suppose to start my period today and i dont see it. on the 2nd day i made love wit my love. can i pregnanct ?

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