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Your phone is on silent and you cant find it and its in the house?


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Turn all the lights of in your house so that it is dark. Then call your phone from every room in the house and look for a light.

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you should call your cell from your house phone or a friends phone.

call it and if it is dead or silent try and remember where you had it last

Try in the dark maybe, at and look for a glow.

Try ringing it. If it's on silent or switched off you'll have to find it with just your eyes

Have a friend call your phone and see if you can hear it ring.

you cant do any thing if your phone is locked unless you unlock it

im going to find out right now ! hopefully it wont hurt it.No you cant you cant leave the house

you cantif they harrass you or threaten you phone the police

retrace your footsteps and ask friends if you left it at there house.

i have it but cant find it I'll tell you later

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call it but if u cant find it or no one answeres bad luck mate

i cant find one eva but my friend has one :)

Get another phone, and send something to your phone. Search around the house until you get a connection and make sure you close the doors behind you, so that you know what room it is in. If you know somebody who has a Tocco Lite, get them to do the same thing, but it comes up with connections but it tells you in what direction it is in. Hope it helped you.

well if you and your girlfriend cant find anything to talk about on the phone then maybe you shouldn't be together, if u cant find anything to talk about on the phone, Jesus your sex life must be so boring. in my opinion find someone else to go out with , who can fulfill your needs.!!!!

yes you can but only if you definitely cant find your old one

i have never used it i have and it is an awsome phone i own it but im not sure if they have wlas i cant find it on mine

Ring its number and you should hear it if it is lost in the house.

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