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my score in bitsat is 190 and my score in cbse board exam is 82% what are my chances?

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Q: Your score in bitsat is 190 what are your chances?
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which branch(engineering stream) can i get if my bitsat 2009 score is 276 and i am waiting for 3rd councelling?

You have secured 258 marks in bitsat can you get any branch in bitspilaniIn AIEEE your score is 145?

no you cannot get any branch in bits pilani

What are the maximum marks of bitsat exam?

The maximum number of marks on the BITSAT is 450. There are 150 questions.

Bitsat exam date of 2009?

check out BITSAT link on -

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What is the purpose of the BITSAT?

The BITSAT is an exam that is required to gain acceptance into the BITS Pilani program in India. The exam measures students knowledge in various academic fields.

Where do you get the forms for bit-sat 2009? this is the official bitsat website, in my opinion you should not trust any other one.

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a few chances are there

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