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As long as your mother is considered of sound mind, there isn't much you can do about this. Your mother has signed a contract with your sister and thus, it's between them. A hard pill to swallow I know. Sorry Marcy wrthryjergjumk etjetwmmkk whjetn

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Q: Your sister is the conservator to your mother your sister takes care of her and her finances can you check where and how the money is spent?
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After being exposed by a member of the family for taking large amounts from her mothers savings your sister moves her into her home where she has full control over her bank. What can we do?

You should seek the advice of an attorney who is experienced in elder law. Especially if you think your mother is not competent to handle her own affairs and your sister is stealing from her. An attorney could assist you in petitioning the court to be appointed your mother's guardian or conservator. If you don't want to seek legal help then then you should speak with an elder abuse counselor in your area. Check for a local hotline by running a search for "elder abuse" and your city and state. They may be able to put you in direct contact with local authorities who are experienced in matters relating to elder abuse. If you can't find a hotline then search your local phonebook for senior services agencies. There should be one listed under the town offices. By speaking to the authorities you should be able to trigger a home visit by an agency representative who will be able to assess your mother's situation. It sounds like your mother may have granted your sister a Power of Attorney or made her a joint owner of her bank accounts. Someone else in the family, in addition to your sister, should be given the authority to review your mother's income and her bank accounts to make sure that all expenditures are legitimate. Or, you may determine what help is available to you first, then try to speak with your sister. You could threaten to report her unless she opens up your mother's finances for your inspection and voluntarily adds another family member as suggested above. She may reconsider her position if she knows that authorities may become involved.

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If your deceased mother had life insurance and all of her children are listed as beneficiaries can the one brother who is conservator claim the monies for all the siblings?

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Sister died leaving proeprty to her momBefore probate was completed Mom died Can personal rep deed property to himself under mom's will who gives all to son?

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If your mother dies and and you have a brother and sister who inherits the estate?

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Sibling wont prove she is a guardian or trustee mom died 1 month ago sibling is hurrying to empty house?

* Your mother should have a Will. Find out who her lawyer is. Check out to see if your mother had a security box at the bank she has done business with. You can also retain a lawyer to find out if a Will was registered in your mother's name. Your sister has no right to empty the house until the Will has been probated.

How do we terminate my mother's estate it was unnecisary there is no real property and we've proven my sister to be benificiary?

First, has an estate been open with the Court of jurisdiction? If not, then you don;t need to do anything. If there was a probate proceeding opened you will need to check with the court. they will give you all the information you need to close your mother's estate properly.

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