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Your sisters call you gay but you are not?

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2011-04-28 17:20:09

Not being rude, but this question makes no sense at all. I must

be honest when answering questions, but this question is not

gramatically correct.

My instinct is that your question means that your sisters call

you gay but you are not gay. I wouldn't worry, if your sisters are

younger than you it is absolutely hilarious and they will feel like

they are very naughty calling you this. It is just an insult,

that's all. If they are older, they are just being immature and

stroppy. Just ignore them or come up with any witty comebacks.

If you feel that the insults are out of hand and you need

somebody to talk to, drop me a mail at or I will reply as soon as possible. If that

can't help, you can always ring childline on 0800 1111 as a fall

back to talk to.

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