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If you want your property back, yes.

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Q: Your vehicle was recently repossessed you were told that you would have to pay a 25.00 administrative fee to get your personal belongs from the vehicle Do you have to pay an administrative this?
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Can you retrieve your possessions in a repossessed truck?

Yes, the truck belongs to the bank or finance company, not your personal items in it. Don't wait too long, things have a way of disappearing from vehicles and you have no way of proving something was in there.

What is the definition of administrative power?

Is the power belongs the position he or she works not the power that he or she got

Does a personal water craft repossession work the same as a vehicle repossession?

Yes, until the note is completely paid it still belongs to someone else and can be repossessed. If the transport trailer maybe also if it's on the same note.

Can you remove your custom sound system out a repossessed car?

After a repo you have the right to get your belongs out of the car and your tag off the car.

How to get personal property out of a repossessed vehicle?

Either remove it before the repo man takes the car or go to the repo company and ask if they set it aside. Some repo companies put all the belongings in a bag and set it aside for the owner. can a repo company charge me for retrieving my personal property and property that belongs to someone else?

What is the difference between personal and personnel?

Personal means it belongs to you - i.e. personal belongings means those things that belong to me, they are personal. Personnel = staff or workforce

Can a repossession agent take a car without telling you where it's being held?

Yes. When the vehicle is repossessed it no longer belongs to you and there is no requirement to tell you where it will be stored.

In Arizona if your vehicle is repossessed and your get the vehicle back is it illegal for the repossession agent to charge a fee before they will return your licence plate?

In the State of Arizona, the license plate belongs to the debtor. They cannot charge you for your plate but they can charge you for inventory and storage of your personal property (which, incidently, includes your plate).

Can your car be repossessed off your personal property in North Carolina?

If it isn't locked up, yes. After the bank has finished the repo papers the car belongs to the bank. Yes they can come on your property because you gave the lender permission in the loan agreement you signed.They cannot damage your property.

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