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See a doctor - it could be scabies, or body lice. They typically live in the clothes and bite you right around the waistline. There are creams that can kill them if that is what it is.

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How much stomach is taken out during gastric bypass?

Generally, gastric bypass surgery removes around 90% of the stomach. The original size of an average stomach (when stretched) is around 1000 ml, but after surgery the stomach is only around 15 ml.

How big was Kate Gosselin's stomach when she had the sextuplets?

* Kate Gosselin's stomach was 52 inches around on the sextuplets delivery day. * On delivery day kate Gosselin's stomach was 66 inches around from back to stomach.

The pH of your stomach must be?

around 1-2 is the pH of stomach acid

Why does the stomach have strong muscles?

Because there are few bones around the stomach to protect it.

What is meant by the term gastric bypass?

Gastic= stomach + by pass = go around. It means to go around the stomach. When this is done, most of the stomach is not used. It normally can hold a lot of food but this surgery reduces the amount the stomach can hold.

PH of stomach acid?

The pH of stomach acid is usually around pH 3.

When does your stomach get hard if you're pregnant?

Your stomach gets hard around the 5-6month.

How many different companies has Microsoft bought or acquired?

around 146

Did the Romans invent limemortar?

They didn't necessarily invent it but they used it predominantly around the 4th century BCE.

What causes the stomach to grumble?

The stomach grumbles when the stomach walls contract and the acids and juices splash around which creates the grumbling sound.

Why do you feel movement in your stomach?

Becouse if you have like gas, there is bubbles in your stomach, or your intestines move around

What is the role of muscle tissue in the stomach?

to churn the stomach acid around so the food will dissolve.

What is the weather in kota kinabalu in february?

Dayime temperatures around 30-35C, nighttime around 26C, predominantly dry but with occasional hevy shouwers.

If shingles wrap around your stomach will you die?


What word translates to around the stomach?


You have a lump in your stomach that moves around what is it?


Where in the body fats is stored?

Around the stomach

Can stomach acids burn your skin?

Yes. The reason why it's in our stomach is because our stomach constantly builds up mucous to protect the walls around it.

What kind of muscle is in the stomach?

The stomach has smooth muscle in it. These muscles relax and contract to churn the food around.

What is the pH in stomach in normal condition?

The Ph of a stomach in normal condition is around 3 because of the acids.

Can you wear a plastic bag around your stomach while you exercise?

Yes you can ,you will be more sweaty from your stomach but yes.

How wide is the average reindeer?

Around the stomach? Around 2 or 3 feet.

What is the pH of stomach acid?

The pH of stomach acid is about 2 and strong enough to burn a hole in a rug.

Why isn't the stomach affected by the gastric juice?

there is a lining of mucus around the entire stomach that prevents the gastric acid (gastric juice) from penetrating the stomach walls

Does lemon juice have the same pH level of stomach acid?

More or less, Lemon Juice has a pH of around 2, stomach acids are around 1-2

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