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Zeus (Jupiter)

Zeus' influence on ancient Greece?


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He controlled the sky, thunder, and was the supreme god.

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No. Zeus is an Ancient Greek god. The capital of the Republic of Greece is Athens.

Gods and Goddesses but the God of Gods of Ancient Greece was Zeus

Zeus The main god of Ancient Greece is Zeus, who is the King of all the gods. He was also the father of the Greek hero Hercules.

The temple of Zeus at Olympia in southern Greece.

in ancient greece, it was Zeus.

People in Ancient Greece sacrificed animals to Zeus because they wanted to favor the gods so the gods would favor them

If you mean "is he the Christian God"? No. Zeus is far older in origin, in ancient Greek. Zeus was the 'King' of the many Gods in Ancient Greece.

In ancient Greece Zeus was.

the answer is zeus and alexander the great

No, he was a Mythological god in ancient Greece.

Zeus believed that ancient Greece was stupid

Zeus is the king of Olympia and husband to hera and his mother is gaia

Because the people of Ancient Greece wanted to honour the Greek god Zeus, king of the gods.

the environment influenced ancient Greece by helping them get their needs and the shaped how they lived.

The Statue of Zeus is located about 150 km west of Athens, on the western coast of modern Greece, in the ancient town of Greece.

The ancient Olympics were held in ancient Greece at Olympia in the Peloponnese every four years as a festival of the god Zeus.

Zeus was a god, not a natural feature, and so does not appear on any map.

People worshiped Zeus in the time of Ancient Greece and the great Greek Empire

In Ancient Greece, Zeus is the king of gods. In Ancient Rome, his name is Jupiter

Ancient Temples such as the Parthenon and the ancient wonder of the world, the statue of Zeus.

The ancient Greeks held the Olympics in honour of the Greek God Zeus.

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