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The are many ways to earn a paralegal degree. Online paralegal school is the wave of the future. Because so much of a paralegal's job is preparing court documents and briefs, learning to be a paralegal online is an excellent education route to take.

Private Paralegal Schools

If you decide to go to a private vocational school, you can become a paralegal in a year of condensed study. You will have a paralegal certificate when you are finished and will be qualified to apply for just about any paralegal job. Many programs like this one allow a paralegal student to specialize in two or three areas of the law. In this case, a paralegal will actually know more about the required paperwork in their specialties than almost any attorney. This sort of specialization makes a paralegal's job vitally important to a law firm in one of the paralegal's areas of expertise.

Two-Year College

This course of study allows a paralegal to major in paralegal studies at a community college. The student will emerge with an Associate of Arts in Paralegal Studies. The paralegal is eligible to work in a law office as soon as he has his Associates Degree.

Four-Year College

A paralegal student can major in paralegal studies at a public or private college. At the conclusion of his education, the paralegal will have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Paralegal Studies. The paralegal can work for awhile and prove himself in a law office. Later, he may want to arrange his work schedule around law school. If he is already working at a firm, they are likely to be quite flexible with his hours and will probably pay for the paralegal's law school, if he contracts to stay at that firm for a set number of years.


A paralegal can start at entry level and obtain more education, including law school. A paralegal career is an excellent stepping stone to becoming an attorney. There is a great deal of room for advancement for paralegals.

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Q: Becoming a Paralegal Online
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Is there online training for paralegals?

There are online courses for becoming a paralegal. You can try such schools as Penn Foster and Kaplan University.

What are some places that offer paralegal training online?

There are many online websites that offer training for becoming a paralegal. They are not cheap as they are priced 500 dollars and up. Sites offering paralegal training and certification include and

Do they offer online classes to become a paralegal?

Yes, paralegal classes are often offered online. The Paralegal Institute,, and National Paralegal College,, are just 2 of the many.

What is the best online college to use for paralegal?

Good online paralegal colleges are plenty. Refer to the link below.

What are some schools that offer online paralegal education?

Some schools that offer online paralegal educations are the ones funded by the government. Your local sheriff's website may have online paralegal education as well.

Can I get Paralegal Training online?

You can get Paralegal Training online. There many colleges and schools which offer paralegal training and certification course online. You can contact schools like 'The Center for Legal Studies, which offers 14 week online program.

Can I take the paralegal course online to get the credit or must this be done in person?

Yes, you can take the paralegal course online and all the requirements about the paralegal course go to following link.

What type of classes do I need for paralegal school online?

Paralegal classes are available online. You don't need any previous training to take paralegal classes online, but you will be learning how you can assist a legal lawyer with his work. Once you complete the school, you can become a certified paralegal.

Where are some of the paralegal schools online?

Some of the paralegal schools online are in New York but they have some paralegal schools in California, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, and last but not least and in Tennessee.

Where are some paralegal schools online?

There are many online colleges that offer paralegal studies. One of the places is called Carrington College, and another one is National Paralegal College.

What schools will let me achieve my paralegal degree online? has a list of schools offering online degrees in the paralegal field. Check out for more information.

Where can I take online paralegal courses?

There are a number of places that you can go to take paralegal courses online. You can go to Carrington at or

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