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Does contractor general liability insurance protect the contractor from law suits filed against him ?


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depending if your a corp. and what type s-corp,LLC.etc..

No they can still file suits against you but it can help with lawyers and payments.

No it does not.

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An insured contractor is a contractor who carries a Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy.

can a contractor have liability insurance backdated to show the company was insured

Homeowners insurance does not have liability coverage for your job occupation. You can obtain contractors insurance for liability coverage.

A contractor buys Commercial General liability insurance in the appropriate contractor class, not professional liability. The amount needed is determined by the exposures presented or the amount specified by the employer.

Contractors will be required to carry a minimum of public liability insurance when working on sites. This provides indemnity against damage to property or persons caused by the contractor, his staff or his equipment.

Yellowpages is a great resource to find a contractor for general liability insurance in Mobile, Alabama. The website contains contact information for multiple contractors.

A contractor typically needs a Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy. If the contract includes professional services, then the contractor will likely be required to carry Professional Liability Insurance, either in addition to, or in place of a CGL policy. It really just depends on the nature of the services contracted.

Comprehensive general liability insurance covers businesses against many liability exposures of a business. Comprehensive general liability insurance coverage includes completed operations, elevators, independent contractors, and more.

Contact a licensed commercial insurance agent in your area. It will be able to assist you if it do not sell the particular coverage you need by referring you to another broker. Do a search for general liability insurance for your state and hundreds of agents will show up. Make sure you use a contractor insurance specialist however.

What your looking for is Commercial General Liability Insurance for contractors, not professional liability insurance.And Yes. Almost any Commercial lines carrier will provide CGL coverage as well..

The contractors General Liability Insurance would cover accidents and quality of workmanship issues that result from the activity of the Contractor.

It all depends on the overall risk exposure. Without knowing what type of contractor you are and what you annual volume is, there is no way to guess what you might pay for your insurance.

General liability covers Public and Producs Liability, therefore by having General Liability cover, public liability is covered also.

This depends on a number of things. It's hard to say without knowing what kind of work you are sub-contracting. First determine if you need Professional Liability coverage Or Commercial Liability Coverage. They are very different products. Most General Contractors do require the subs to carry insurance. Otherwise the General Contractor will have to pay much more for insurance coverage that effectively covers his or her own activities as well as those of the sub-contractors. If the General Contractor you are doing work for already has coverage for his subs under their insurance (usually not). What is the nature of your agreement with the General Contractor. Some Contractors insurance policies cover subs while others do not.

You should at least make sure that they are carrying $500,000 - $1,000,000 in liability limits on a general liability policy. This will protect you from any losses that they may cause such as a fire etc. You need to ask them for a certificate of insurance. Make sure you get it from their insurance agent and not the contractor.

A self employed contractor general liability ins., Workers comp if a corporation, but whoever is the bond company they should be able to assist in insurance coverage for the company.

Compare general liability insurance quotes from multiple providers. Learn about liability insurance in our free buyers' guides to business insurance.Hiscox specializes in general liability insurance for businesses with 10 employees or less.

definition of comprehensive & liability insurance

The difference between employers liability and public liability are simple. Employer liability insurance covers only claims made by the employees against the company. Public liability covers claims against the company by the general public as well as third parties claims.

While different states may have different requirements, it is generally the responsibility of the contractor to furnish his or her own general liability insurance. Of course, the costs of any business will be, one way or another, paid for by monies received from clients. These are "overhead" costs and will be factored into bids throughout the course of a fiscal year.

No, there is no legal requirement at the time of this answer. There is however a requirement for registration with the state of Texas. Having General Liability Insurance though is the first sign that you are hiring a responsible and perhaps reputable Contractor.

I would need more information to give you a responsible answer.

General liability insurance typically covers a third party from putting a claim against a companies operations. Some of the things that can be covered are property damage and bodily injury.

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