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In digital Photography, there are a number of features that are thrown into consumer-grade cameras as "selling points." These selling points add no value to the camera, but appear impressive. One of these features is digital zoom.

Some cameras may boast an 800X digital zoom. However, the image at 800X is so grainy and indecipherable that you won't be able to make out what it is anyway. It's important to remember that the only important zoom is optical zoom. If you do end up using digital zoom, make sure to only go barely beyond the range of the optical zoom.

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What size of Digital zoom is good?

That depends on what you are using it for. For small family shots, about 5.0x zoom is good. If you are going into nature photography or something you will first of all not want digital, but manual zoom, and you will also want a much much stronger zoom.

What type of digital camera is better either with optical zoom or digital zoom?

Optical zoom is way better than digital zoom as digital only expands the picture. Optical zoom actually zooms in.

What difference between OPTICAL zoom and digital zoom?

Optical zoom is where your camera's lens is actually moving to zoom in, digital zoom is where the digital part of the camera tries to get closer to zoom, digital zoom is basically pointless because when you use it you image quality is severely damaged.

What is better Optical zoom or Digital zoom?

Optical Zoom is the true zoom, Digital is basically the zoom in of what the highest optical zoom is. Therefore Optical Zoom is the better zoom, and gives a much clearer picture.

Zoom on Cannon Poweshot?

The Cannon Powershot has both and optical and digital zoom features. Optical zoom is far superior to digital zoom.

What is zoom in digital camera?

zoom is to enlarge the image and capture in a digital camera

What size megapixel do I need for a professional photography business that focuses on landscaping?

The size of your megapixel isnt a major requirement for a professional photography business, unless your making huge format prints. This is a myth, your going to more focus on cameras with wide angle lenses. Also look for cameras that have a large optical zoom, digital zoom is garbage so dont go by that.

Which is better Optical zoom or Digital zoom?

ofcourse optical zoom..................

What is the difference between Optical Zoom and Digital Zoom for a digital camera?

A optical zoom use the lenses to focus in on a subject, pretty much the same way binoculars work. Digital zoom magnifies the subject by enlarging in in the pic thru a digital process, this is not a true type of zoom.

What is optical and digital zoom in a digital camera?

Optical zoom is the ability of the camera lens to zoom in before capturing the picture Digital zoom is the ability of the camera to zoom in after capturing the actual picture. See the related link below for more information.

What is the difference between digital and optical zoom?

Digital zoom uses software to zoom in further than regular optical zoom, which uses lenses to magnify the picture.

What digital camera has the longest zoom?

There is no limit for the zoom of a camera, but the The 26X Longest Zoom Digital Camera is one of the longest zoom cameras on the market. But you can always buy a longer zoom for a camera that does not have one .

Does the Nikon D90 have digital zoom and optical zoom?

No it does not, it only has 5.8 optical zoom.

What is the closest zoom available for a digital camera?

Some newer models have 18x zoom, but 10x is typical for most extended zoom digital cameras.

Why is a digital zoom worse than an optical zoom?

The reason an optical zoom is better to have than a digital zoom boils down to quality. When one uses an optical zoom the subject is brought in closer without losing quality. When a digital zoom is used, the camera crops and digitally enlarges the picture, sacrificing quality.

What is the use of Digital Camera?

You can use a digital camera to focus the picture , regular cameras dont have it, it can record videos, edit, and an easier way to zoom into a scene.

Is 3x optical zoom and 5x digital zoom good?

3x optical zoom and 5x digital zoom are standard features on most mid-range pocket digital cameras. A better optical zoom capability would be 6x or 8x optical. The digital zoom capability can be ignored, since all it does is crop and expand your image, necessarily reducing its resolution. Digital zoom may be handy for giving you a close-up view in the viewfinder or on the viewscreen, but the photographer must remember that picture quality shot with digital zoom may be compromised. POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP U:P

What is the average optical zoom for a camera?

I usually see anywhere from 6x to 12x optical zoom, then most digital cameras also have digital zoom, up to about 20x

How much difference is there between a x50 zoom and x60 zoom on a digital camera?

You will have an image about 20% larger at x60, but there is catch. Usually magnification of that amount is a combination of the optical zoom and digital zoom. The total obtained by multiplying. With digital zoom, the quality will likely decrease faster as the magnification increases. So normally, the optical zoom will go to maximum before the digital zoom begins to operate. So if the x50 has 10x optical and then 5x digital, it could produce a better image than 6x optical with 10x digital zoom (unless the optics are not that great). It's good to know which is which. See if you can find reviews on both.

Is 160x digital zoom better than 350x digitial zoom?

350 is bigger than 160. But you should look for optical zoom. Digital zoom at even about 30x gets so blurry and horrible.

What is the importance of digital zoom?

Digital zoom really isn't important. It is the same as cropping, so it reduces image quality. Nothing you can't do with a computer. What you want is optical zoom.

Is 3.6 zoom good for a digital camera?

3.6 is good for general photography. In small digital cameras, the zoom is most useful for framing shots without having to move nearer or farther away, or for getting more or less subject matter in the shot. For true telephotography, you would want a camera with 10x or more.

What are the two types of zoom on a camcorder?

Optical and digital. With optical zoom, the camera uses lenses to magnify objects. In digital zoom, the camera's built-in software creates a magnified image.

What are the advantages of using optical zoom?

If you use an optical zoom, you can take pictures without getting really close to things. An optical zoom is better than a digital zoom, because an optical zoom does not cause pictures to be pixely or grainy, and digital zooms often do.

What is x in camera?

Zoom. It's the amount of times it can make something bigger like 2x or 5x, the higher the number the more it can zoom in.There are 2 types of Zoom: Optical and Digital.Optical Zoom is more important, and has to do with the length the lens comes out of the camera.Digital Zoom crops the picture then zoom, like a computer program and too much can look bad. Digital Zoom is not as important and should not be used to compare cameras.

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