How an Identity Theft Lawyer Can Help?


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Identity theft is a frightening reality. While this crime has been going on for years, the internet has made it all too easy for criminals to steal personal information from innocent consumers and begin opening fraudulent accounts. These thieves can ruin a person's credit, making it impossible for them to obtain loans or other forms of credit in the future, unless they fight back.

What Is an Identity Theft Lawyer or Attorney?

An identity theft lawyer is one that helps the victims of identity theft reclaim their identity and gain control over their finances. These lawyers will work with law enforcement officials to investigate the crime and help victims take the right steps in clearing their name.

When a victim realizes that their identity has been stolen, their first reaction is to be devastated and confused. Most people don't know how to stop an identity thief. They wonder whether they will be forced to pay for the financial damage and how they could possibly repair this situation. A lawyer that specializes in helping victims of identity theft will be able to direct victims in taking the right steps and work to repair the damage.

Once an identity theft attorney is contacted, he or she will first make sure that the credit bureaus are aware of the crime. If the victim has not contacted the credit bureaus, the lawyer will contact the credit bureaus and have a fraud alert placed on their client's file. This will ensure that the identity thief will not be able to open any more accounts in the victim's name.

An identity theft lawyer will also make sure that a police report has been made. The lawyer will encourage a thorough investigation and contact the proper authorities. Many times, this can be difficult for a victim, as they are unsure of who to contact and what actions need to be taken. Hiring a lawyer will help a victim is take the proper legal steps to reclaim their identity.

Identity theft lawyers will also determine what accounts have been fraudulently opened and how much financial damage the thief has caused. Once this has been established, the lawyer will contact the victim's creditors and work to correct the situation. In many cases, a lawyer will be able to close fraudulent accounts much faster than a consumer would alone. Even if a lawyer cannot close the accounts on behalf of his or her client, they will be able to direct the client in how to do so.

In extreme cases, an identity thief will have committed a crime or received medical care in his or her victim's name. An identity theft lawyer will also be able to help correct this situation. While identity theft is a serious and malicious crime, the right lawyer can help a victim improve their situation and reclaim their identity.

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An identity theft attorney can help to clear one's name should their identity ever be stolen. Having your identity stolen can be a lengthy process. An attorney will help provide the necessary information and steps that need to be taken to ensure you are not held responsible for any crimes committed by the imposter.

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Yes, I am sorry to say that your credit report will be effected by purchases made during an identity theft. You can however, consult with your credit agency to get those negative reports removed. You will need proof that you had an incident with identity theft to do so. If you had a lawyer invovled with this issue then he/she should be able to handle that issue for you.

A lawyer that specializes in identity theft. It costs money to get it done, or you could wait 7 years for it to fall off your credit report.

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no apoligize to the person you took it from today

One advanced tip to help stop identity theft from occurring is to never give out person information on an insecure network. Another is to use different PIN numbers for different banks.

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