how do you know if you aren't your parent's favorite child?

  1. One child gets elaborate birthday celebrations while you get the leftovers.
  2. Genetics has made your brother or sister naturally superior.
  3. One child gets awesome gifts while you get...something not so awesome.
  4. Your two brothers are professional athletes and you're just kinda hanging out.
  5. Your parents have told you that you may have been a wonderful surprise.
  6. If your mother forgets you're there, it probably means you aren't the favorite.
  7. "Well, Alfred is a pretty cool costume, too..."
  8. If your parent forgets your name, that's generally not a good sign.
  9. "No, Johnny, you don't get a bike. Your job is to be tagged."
  10. The middle child here is obviously the favorite. No attempt to hide that!
  11. If they're pushing you out of the shot, you're not the favorite.