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You only need your associates degree to become a sonographer which means after graduating high school it would only take you an additional two years of college.

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Q: How long does it take to go to sonography schools?
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What are the best diagnostic medical sonography schools?

When you are looking for the best diagnostic medical sonography schools you cannot go wrong by checking out the education forums. Everyone has an opinion, but diagnostic medical sonography schools which are recommended by past students will give you a base to work from.

What are the requirements to become an Ultrasound technician and how long does it take?

To get an education in Ultrasound Technology, you need to go to a medical school or a sonography school, where they specialize in ultrasound technology. You can check out which schools are good for you at the Ultrasound Technician Center website.

How do I go about taking classes in diagnostic medical sonography?

To take classes in diagnostic medical sonography, one should first check the online class listings at your local community colleges. Or you can look at universities.

What do sonography technician do?

There are many benefits of choosing a sonography career, from the job options to the career outlook to the pay to the personal rewards. There are three types of sonography you can go into: general radiology, nuclear medicine and diagnostic medical sonography/ultrasound.

How much does it cost to take the diagnostic medical sonography test?

An average cost for training to obtain a diagnostic medical sonography certification ranges between $6000 and $15000. You can go to different campuses if you want to train with the equipment but you can do online courses for the information.

What do you do in a diagnostic medical sonography job?

You have to go and get certified by the state to get into this field. You can attend community college or take a longer more in depth course.Hope this helps.

If the college does not have sonography as a major what classes can you take to go in to that field?

First, graduate with at least an associate degree in Radiologic Sciences. From there you can go into pretty much any modality involved with Imaging Sciences.

How can I go about relieving pain in my knuckles?

To get a diagnostic medical sonography certification, one would first need to take required coursework in biology and chemistry, and then pass the certification exam.

What is a diagnostic medical sonography salary?

Like any other medical field the area of diagnostic medical sonography will provide a decent salary. They make at least 47,000 per year and can go up to over 70,000.

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